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Fully Integrated POS - The POS interface is designed to work with almost all POS hardware, including scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers, EFTPOS machines, EBanking and mag-card readers.

Instant Updates to Entire System - Because the POS is fully integrated within the TrueERP Software suite, the moment a sale is made at the till, all accounts, customer’s details and stock values are instantly updated. You don’t have to wait until the end of the day to monitor how the sales through the till are processing.

Five Level Security - Employees can be assigned up to five different levels of security into each individual window, form or report, ranging from being able to delete a transaction, view only, through to no access at all. In addition you can create access level groups, where staff can be assigned to a pre-defined group.

Customer Loyalty Program - Run loyalty programs to track your customer or turn on options to ask simple questions at the time of sale, such as postcode information etc

Multi-Site Enabled - Supports unlimited different store and warehouse locations all feeding from and back to one head office. Each site can make alterations or additions, which in turn update to every other site, instantly.

Full Layby/Layaway System - Tracks everything to do with lay-bys/layaways from terms and conditions through to payments, balances outstanding and instant complete history.

Voucher System - You can create, sell and receive any number of vouchers with any number of values. TrueERP will even cater for you accepting someone else’s voucher.

Customisable Screens - The POS screen can be designed with multi-layered screens, in fact over 5000 button options. This gives you the ability to create different screens from the main screen with different PLU keys. Great for creating groups of products that can be viewed on the same screen.

Touch Screen Enabled - Comes packaged ready to run on almost any touch screen. This includes an on screen built in numeric keypad so that no keyboard or mouse is required.

Blind Balance - Run end of days or periods, using the standard printout method or using the blind balance method where the tills are counted and entered without knowing exactly what should be there. Someone with a higher security setting would then check that what is banked, matches what was balanced.

Cash Out Capable - Draw cash from the till for those quick payments as they arise, providing your security level allows it of course.

Price Over-rides - With a simple one key selection, any product’s price can be over-ridden. Great for instant price changes for any reason.

Multi Discounting Options - Automatic discounts can be done at almost any level, from customer pricing to product specials, happy hours or monthly giveaways.

Multiple Tills - Run up to 50 tills in the one location, all with their own printers and cash drawers or have all 50 share the one printer or cash drawer.

Quantities - View stock levels in any store or warehouse location, instantly from almost any where within the TrueERP Software suite. Enormously beneficial when in POS or sales to know that while you don’t have it, one of your other stores does.

Pop-Up Notices - Set pop-up reminders per product. These are great as a reminder to your staff to on sell other products as well as the one selected ie. if they buy a printer, do they want the cable with that as well.

Units Of Measure - Sell your products in virtually any way you can think of, from cartons to pallets or kilograms to litres, sheets to rolls. Have these shown in the different units of measure ie. we have 240 bottles, 10 cartons and 1 pallet.

Multiple Barcodes - Assign any type of barcode to a product including multiple barcodes for the same product. Great for running specials on that product and adding a different tracking code for how many of the specials you sell.

Run Membership Account - Use swipe cards for members to automatically load the members or customer details. Great for loyalty programs etc.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Point of Sale (POS):

"Point of Sale (POS)" is part of the True ERP line of products, developed by True ERP.