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Manufacturing - The TrueERP Software suite has a fully integrated manufacturing module for the manufacturing of almost any product, no matter how large or small. Products can be one-off bespoke type builds, or complex machinery requiring thousands of parts to construct.

Scheduling - You can see at a glance, what jobs are on-line and what’s due to come on-line, which allows you to be able to schedule your employees, resources and machinery in the most efficient and productive manner available. The entire process becomes extremely efficient, resulting in less down-time and a decrease in client and staff waiting periods.

Purchases - Scheduling and manufacturing, link directly to your purchasing module with triggers set to prompt your purchasing manager, when and how much to order for upcoming job requirements, or to simply re-stock your inventory levels. These triggers can be designed around stock levels, re-order points or simply due dates and delivery dates.

No Limits - With no limits to how many stages, processes or resources that can be allocated to any or all jobs, you can with confidence, manage the entire manufacturing floor with ease.

Down time - Complete control over down-times in maintenance, staff allocation and holidays, which can be adjusted instantly as required. Again ensuring that you have complete control over your shop floor.

Capacity Planning - Full tracking of all jobs and work orders sold, be they external or internal. Plan ordering resources and labour required for a day, a week, a month or any period chosen.

Job Costing - Superbly accurate job costing, with total job costs continually and instantly updated as product and resource costs change, from purchases to labour costs.

Barcode Scanning - Scan your employees in as they start work, then as they start a job, complete a step or finish the job. Giving accurate, to the second information on time taken to complete each and every step of a job.

Serial Number Tracking - Select or add serial numbers instantly to any step within the process so that throughout the entire process these number can be tracked.

Product Costing - Manufacturing in TrueERP is live, in all areas including product cost updating. As the cost and sell of any product, item or service used in the manufacturing process is changed, you have the choice to immediately update all jobs associated with this change. Again ensuring accurate costs are always kept with the job.

Sales Tracking - The sales team can at any time, confirm where the job is at, by simply opening the original quote or order and viewing the updated status.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Manufacturing:

"Manufacturing" is part of the True ERP line of products, developed by True ERP.