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Products - Complete details as required to keep an accurate and extensive stock management database, a database or collection of information which is fully integrated with a complete business management and accounting system. This collection of information can be added to or deleted from, depending on your requirements, even down to creating your own customisable fields and drop downs.

Multiple Stores - The TrueERP Software suite will automatically track stock levels, changes and updates across multiple stores or locations. All information is transferred automatically and seamlessly within milli-seconds. In simple terms every remote location is an identical copy of the other.

Multiple Warehouses - Run multiple warehouses in TrueERP with instant reports on any warehouse, from anywhere within the system including sales transactions etc.

Multiple Bins - The TrueERP Software suite has an enormous range of inventory management options, including tracking multiple bins, racks and levels. All options can be shown in the one screen or any number of reports and lists. These will give you an instant understanding of where your stock is at any time.

Accounts - Once set TrueERP will auto assign all required accounting information including Cost Of Goods Sold, Inventory Assets and Sales Income, even down to what tax codes are required from this product to auto load the BAS Report and GST Returns.

Volume Prices - Enter different prices for purchasing and selling at different volumes ie. if you sell one of the product or if you sell 50, you can set a price for each.

Date Range Price Adjustments - Great if you want to run specials for a period of time, TrueERP will automatically adjust the product price to match the special price assigned for that period and then return to the standard price once outside the date range.

Product Discounting - Set up each individual customer or group of customers to have either a one off discount, special product discount, type discounts, grouped product discounts, permanent discounts or volume sales discounts to name but a few.

Pop-Up Notices - Set pop-up reminders per product. These are great as a reminder to your staff to on sell other products as well as the one selected e.g. if they buy printer, do they want the cable with that as well.

Related Products - Used for auto loading any associated product automatically e.g. when you do sell the printer it automatically loads the required cable. This can be extended to any level where you can have a related product within a related product.

Quantities - View stock levels in any store or warehouse location, instantly from almost any where within TrueERP. Enormously beneficial when in POS or sales to know that while you don’t have it, one of your other stores does.

Stock Take - Use any number of methods to load your stock takes, from entering the data directly, loading it into a spreadsheet and importing it or doing it real time with a handheld scanner. Count your stock as singles or in units of measure such as cartons, pallets, lengths or sheets.

Stock Adjustments - Great for adjusting stock due to theft, loss, wastage or for simply, unknown reasons. Again simply assign it to an adjustment account and your stock balance and chart of accounts are instantly and accurately updated to the second.

Stock Transfers -Make transfers between warehouses or stores seamlessly and effortlessly. Track who ordered the transfer and who did the actual transfer.

Mass Price Updates - Prices can be altered on mass by department, product code, group or any number of ways, with the click of a single button. You can set adjustment values by a fixed amount or a percentage, in the positive or negative. Preferences will allow this to be automated, so that the moment there is any movement in the cost of the product the sell price will adjust automatically maintaining the margin.

Serial Number Tracking - Individual products can be tracked from purchasing to sales, with their own separate numbers. Keep accurate records of exactly which customer has which product, when they bought it and which supplier it came from. Great for warranties, repairs and servicing.

Units Of Measure - Track your products in virtually any way you can think of, from cartons to pallets or kilograms to litres, sheets to rolls. Have these shown in these different units of measure ie. we have 240 bottles, 10 cartons and 1 pallet.

Multiple Barcodes - Assign any type of barcode to a product including multiple barcodes for the same product. Great for running specials on that product and adding a different tracking code for how many of the specials you sell.

Barcode Picking - This area within TrueERP virtually removes human error in the warehouse picking and packing area. This module of TrueERP allows orders to be placed or received in the office, the warehouse would simply scan in their employee barcode which activates the next prioritised picking slip to be actioned. TrueERP will then track how long it takes to pick the goods for the order and how long it takes to pack the goods. All relevant documentation is automatically produced from con notes to delivery dockets, including box labels and what goods are in each carton shipped.

Picking Slips - Produce a range of picking slips from orders placed or print them individually in prioritised order. Show rack and bin numbers on these printouts for efficient picking.

Batch Number Tracking - Will track a batch of stock automatically showing where the oldest stock is and how it can be easily identified. Keep accurate records of exactly which customer has which product, when they bought it and which supplier it came from. Great for warranties, repairs and servicing.

Price Movement Tracking - Any price movement to do with a product is clearly shown over a period of time, so that you can see what changes there have been with the product from sales or purchases.

Extra Supplier Pricing - List every supplier you buy a particular product from and what their prices are including foreign values. List their names and codes for the product which can be used on your purchases orders to that supplier.

Formula Pricing - Where you may need to price something with an ever changing variable, formula’s are fantastic. For example you want to know how much is a window that is 1278mm high x 689mm wide x 4mm thick. Formula’s will work a price for you based on the values entered. In addition you can set it to load a set of products as well ie. how much paint is required on a door 2040mm high x 820mm wide. Not only will it work out the price, but it will load the product for the paint and what is required of that product as well.

Insert Pictures -Easily insert multiple pictures for the product. These pictures will display when sold, and can be easily uploaded onto your web page.

Multi Discount Options -Set a huge range of discount and mark-up options for your product. From individual pricing to product groups; customer types to date range specials. One offs, end of run, even where you can set “buy two get one free” options.

Auto Re-Order - TrueERP will check your entire product list, including satellite stores, then report on how many products you need to order for each store per Supplier. Then with the push of a button, TrueERP can produce every purchase order required from each Supplier.

Auto Price Adjustments - Set preferences to automatically adjust your stock prices either up or down depending on external pressures. If the price from a Supplier changes on receipt of a purchase order, TrueERP will automatically adjust the selling price of that product to maintain the gross margin as set.

Batch Product Creation - Set up a default template for a range of products and have TrueERP create hundreds of products based on this template, with slight name changes for each individual products.

Set Loyalty Values - Great when tied-in with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing modules, to allow the tracking of customer loyalty programs set around each product.

Mass Import - Load all your products onto a spreadsheet and import them into the TrueERP Software suite on mass, instantly creating your product list. Done in seconds, not days.

Auto Product Coding - Have the TrueERP Software suite automatically create product codes for any new products created. You can simply copy an entire product, change the name, to create a new product.

Customer History - Every product has a complete history of every customer that has ever bought this product at any time. You can drill back down on these records to see the original transaction that made up that sale.

Supplier History - Every product has a complete history of every supplier that you have bought this product from. You can drill back down on these records to see the original transaction that made up that purchase.

Pay Commission - Set commission values for each product or on a group of products. These can be based on a number of factors from profit margin to the invoice being paid.

Product Movement - Every product has a Sales and Purchase Movement record that gives you Qty Sold, Average and movement percentage over a select period month to month.

Customisable Fields - Add your own specific fields to the product card. These can be text fields, date picker fields or drop downs. Drop downs force a certain value to be selected, thus making your database consistent throughout. There is even an option for a field to be required, i.e. you can not save the product until the field has been updated. Again great for consistency.

Other Applications

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"Inventory Management" is part of the True ERP line of products, developed by True ERP.