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Fixed Asset Register - Allows for the complete tracking of Fixed Assets where you can choose between multiple depreciation methods, including No Depreciation, Straight Line and Declining Balance. You can have two sets of depreciation, allow tax values and Book value.

Asset Details - Track everything from codes to purchase price, insurance details and warranty periods, service logs to salvage values. Track your ongoing costs associated with keeping the asset and add your own notes or create your own customisable fields.

Fixed Asset Type lists - Create lists of all different asset types, which allow you to group your assets and define them quickly and easily. Each group can have its own depreciation method and values allowing the updating of all assets within the group very easy.

Disposal - Track the disposal of any asset or treat an asset as a salvaged value. Input automatically any depreciation values to give you the final book or tax value.

Extensive Reporting Features on all Aspects -You can customise any one of the existing standard reports in the TrueERP Software Suite in hundreds of different ways. These reports can then be saved and viewed at any time. With an almost unlimited range of reports, using different printouts and styles that will allow a user to create a new report or modify any existing report and save as their own. Set your columns of data to not only total as a sum, but display an average, a maximum or minimum value or any other range of totaling features. These reports can then be used to create any number of charts, with an almost unlimited range of designs and styles within the charts and graphing areas. As an added bonus any piece of data that is displayed on any of these reports can be simply drilled into. This fantastic feature will give you extensive detail of what makes up the value displayed, right back to being able to open the original transaction on the report.

Service Log - Each asset can be fully maintained and tracked via the service log. The TrueERP Software suite will also log against the asset all work done, including any internal labour costs and products used.

Warranty - Track the assets warranty details including expiry dates and repeat service calls. Great for keeping up to date with the maintenance etc on any asset.

Insurance Policies - Allows for full tracking of all insurance details in regards to each and every asset.

Accumulated Depreciation - Allows you to track the accumulated depreciation of assets by any period you choose. Set your percentage of business use so that when the calculation is followed through each year it can be displayed for the life of the asset including business use.

Fully Integrated - The TrueERP Software Suite is sold complete with every function and module included in every package, so when you use the TrueERP Software Suite, you can simply and quickly turn on any of these modules, at any time, and start using it immediately. By doing this TrueERP ensures that any data changes and additions to any module will immediately impact on all modules.

Other Applications

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"Fixed Assets" is part of the True ERP line of products, developed by True ERP.