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Trucking and Delivery Manifest - The TrueERP Software suite has a fully integrated trucking and delivery manifest module, generated directly from invoicing. These manifests are user customisable and can be arranged by truck, location and/or route.

Dispatch and Delivery Reports - All the relevant and required despatch dockets, run allocation sheets, tax invoices, loading summary, and detail sheets are automatically, generated, at a time and sequence of your choosing.

Subcontractors - The TrueERP Software suite will even automatically generate the purchase orders required to hire subcontractors and their vehicles. These can be calculated on a formula of your choosing, based on distance, pallets, weight etc.

Freight and Forwarding - Freight and forwarding charges can be automatically applied to sales and complex calculation tables from your preferred courier or forwarding company can be loaded into the TrueERP Software suite which will then produce their own unique bar-coded labels.

Manifest Assignment - This is done quickly and easily using simple single mouse click or group selection options.

Vehicle Tracking - When interfacing with the fixed assets and workshop module a complete breakdown of the truck’s history can be maintained, including profitability and service history.

Delivery Templates - Set routes for repeated runs that will deliver to a customer in whichever order you choose. Even to the point of setting a run to do one side of the street and then the other.

Manifest Routes - Set long range routes, for distances and return loads. Great when used with the multi-site functionality.

Multi-Site Enabled - Supports unlimited different store and warehouse locations all feeding from and back to one head office. Each site can make alterations or additions, which in turn update to every other site, instantly.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Delivery Runs & Manifest:

"Delivery Runs & Manifest" is part of the True ERP line of products, developed by True ERP.