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Complete Customer Document Tracking - Keeps a record from within the TrueERP Software suite of the exact location of every letter, fax or email sent to each and every individual customer.

Customer History - An extensive and complete history of every quote, sales order, invoice, cash sale, statement appointment etc that you have made with this customer. These transactions can be simply drilled into at any time, to open the original transaction that makes up the report.

Customisable Fields - Add your own specific fields to categorise your customers. These fields can be text fields as well as ‘Drop Down’ boxes. By making them drop downs you force a certain value to be selected, thus making your database consistent with what is displayed. There is even an option that you can turn on or off, with these fields, that prevents the form from being closed if one of the values has not been entered.

Seamless Office Links - One click on a button to automatically create Spreadsheets, Letters or Emails in Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, Publisher and Outlook etc using any data from within the TrueERP Software suite.

Telemarketing Database - The TrueERP Software suite will track phone contacts made and also prompt follow up calls. Give reports on any individual telemarketer, right down to the number of calls made, how many of those calls become appointments and which of those then become sales. Conversion ratios can be viewed, not only from a telemarketer viewpoint but also from the sales team. Great for getting an exact count of how many calls need to be made, to produce a sale.

Mail Merge - TrueERP has the facility to send mail merge documents to customers based on nearly infinite selections. With our built in email and fax engine, the sending of documents takes seconds, not hours. An extremely powerful marketing tool!

Follow Ups and Service - The TrueERP Software suite has fully integrated follow up prompting and service cycles so you can set the future of your sales team and ensure they are maximizing potential.

Customer Contact List - Keeps a list of all contacts associated with the customer, which can be added to, or deleted from, depending on your requirements.

Sales Lead Tracking - Full follow-up prompting, which will automatically load for each individual representative when they log onto any computer on the network.

Customers - Complete details as required to keep an accurate customer database, which can be added to, or deleted from, depending on your requirements. The customer database is live to all areas of the TrueERP Software suite which ensures that if any transactions involving a client are processed, the correct details including credit limits, pricing levels, past history, contact and shipping details are automatically loaded and updated. No longer do you have to have multiple software packages to run your business.

Quote Status - Estimate sales by using the status options to reflect the likelihood of making the sale. Turn this into a percentage and a value to help predict cash flows and product workloads.

To Do List - Tasks can be assigned to different employee’s who, when logging on to their system, a screen will pop up to remind them to complete these tasks. These can be viewed and altered at any time and also reported on.

Auto Loading Reminders - As with the ‘To Do List’, when the staff are logging on to their system, a screen will pop up to remind them to complete these tasks, or prompt them that they have appointments, quotes to finish, or followup calls to make etc. A great tool for ensuring that even the simplest thing that keeps getting overlooked is completed, efficiently, and on time. There is a huge range of reminders and prompts that can be turned on or off as each staff member see fit, enabling them to customize the TrueERPSoftware suite to suit their personal requirements.

Customer Loyalty- Run loyalty programmes to track your customer or turn on options to ask simple questions at the time of sale such as postcode information etc.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with CRM:

"CRM" is part of the True ERP line of products, developed by True ERP.