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True ERP

A full ERP system designed by True ERP.
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TrueERP is a software solution that goes beyond accounting. It is a true ERP solution designed to integrate the information from all your key business functions from inventory control, purchasing and manufacturing through to sales and fulfillment and much more. This ERP software comes complete with every module and function included, so you only need to enter data once and the entire suite knows about it.

TrueERP will help you in:

  • Reducing and managing your costs and improving the efficiency of your whole operation
  • Getting easier visibility of every transaction across the enterprise
  • Making better decisions for your business based on information that is 100% up to date
  • Reducing purchasing waste and making sure you have the right goods and materials at the right time
  • Delivering the right product at the right time
  • Maintaining your customer’s expectation

Every function of your business, including production, sales, purchasing, accounting, distribution, Point of Sale, supply chain and human resources is limited by your capacity to cross reference information. Our ERP software solution bridges the information gap. It is an integrated system eliminating the need for separate applications for:

The TrueERP Software Suite is sold complete with every function and module included in every package, so when you use the TrueERP Software Suite, you can simply and quickly turn on any of these modules, at any time, and start using it immediately. By doing this TrueERP ensures that any data changes and additions to any module will immediately impact on all modules.

True ERP also offers:

TrueERP Food and Drug which is a customized solution that allows businesses to stay focused on their core mission of healing and treatment.

TrueERP Manufacturing which is a customized solution to address the specialized needs such as Capacity Planning, Supply Chain Management, Bill of Materials, Work Orders, Scheduling, Quality Control, Manufacturing Process, Manufacturing Project Management, Manufacturing Flow, and Product Life Cycle management.

TrueERP Warehouse which is a We have recently launched TrueERP Warehouse, a customized solution to address the specialized needs for Order Entry, Order to Cash, Pricing, Available to Promise, Real-Time View of Inventory, Shipping, SCM, Supply Chain Planning, Supplier Scheduling, Product Configuration, Claim Processing, Receiving, Bin Tracking, Pick and Ship.

Popular Functionality Modules

SMS and Email Engine Fully integrated SMS and email engine…

Appointment Tracker Book Appointments, Service calls, Allocate personnel to Specific Jobs or even schedule repeat Maintenance work, all in the one Fully Integrated Suite. TrueERP gives you…

Audit Trail This will track any and all changes made to TrueERP and report on who did them, when they did them and what they did.…

Barcode Printing Barcodes can be automatically printed on receipt of goods from a supplier or you can simply re-print the barcodes directly from the product list. The numbers printed can be…

Budgets Full control of Budgets, by department, cost center or account. You can create multiple or consolidated budgets or view them as a list. Budgets - Create an unlimited number…

Complete Functionality Module List

Reviews of True ERP

from ARM Enterprises says…

I warn anyone looking at TrueERP to really think hard before proceeding. This company made a lot of promises that they could not keep. They knew full well what our requirements were for a successful implementation and they assured us that everything we needed was already in the system only needing configuration to meet our needs. The biggest problem we had was with EDI integration with our retail partners. After many months of working with the developers in Australia, they were never able to deliver or even demonstrate the functionality. Since accepting orders by EDI is the very first and most critical step in our business, we were never able to use the software for anything. TrueERP refused to refund the money we spent with them and we are now forced to attempt recovering our money through the court system. Bottom line is DON’T TRUST TrueERP.

The good: There is nothing good I can say about the TrueERP software or of TrueERP as a company.

The bad: Worst support I have ever encountered. They simply cannot deliver on the promises they make.

from ConcealFab Corporation says…

We have three numbers on file for Customer Service, but it is always a guess as to which one is CONNECTED. Last month, two of the three numbers had been disconnected and when I did connect, it was an answering service. We were locked out of the system. We have had this issue before with numbers not working. The support I can get thru to leave a message is based out of Hawaii. We are in a different time zone, so I don’t expect a call back for a few hours.

The good: The cost was what drove us to this product. It is cheap compared to other programs. We are now getting what we paid for.

The bad: The system is not flexible. We were told it would interface with SolidWorks, this has yet to happen. The General Ledger is set up by them, and we are not able to adjust as easily as they said. Some accounts, we just can’t change. Simple changes are not allowed. If you make a spelling mistake when entering a customer or supplier, after saving you cannot change it without inactivating that company and starting over. Customer Service is not available to us on a daily basis.

from Australian Scaffolds says…

In short, yes TrueERP has helped us manage day to day business. It is a big program and it was a significant change overall. The past year has been a big adjustment and you guys are developing the Hire module for us. After those developments are complete it will be even more helpful. I would also give a higher rating for “Value for Money” once our additions are done and we can use the Hire module. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the software to anyone with experience in inventory software, otherwise there is a bigger learning curve. Besides that, I would for sure! Personally, I would describe the software as user friendly! Set up a sample company to mirror your current company to learn how to use the software without mucking up your real data. Practicing in a sample environment has been really good for us!

The good: Running different types of reports is so easy! The sort functions for lists and the ability to apply filters is also great!

The bad: We have had problems loading some of our really big reports. We also found an issue with the auto-reorder functionality but they are fixing this for us now.

from Specialised Plumbing Centre says…

The software is very user-friendly, that’s why I got it! I can always call in and get real time support, however sometimes I need to call them to follow up. I would recommend the software as well. If the Gold Coast office asks me to be a reference, they can ring me up for a recommendation.

The good: The part I like best is the ease of use! You can get where you want to be quickly!

The bad: It can be slow, for example when pulling the product list, particularly at our second location.

from DMD Importers says…

I would recommend TrueERP! It accommodates any kind of business and molds to what their needs are. You can tell by all of the different features that it would suit any company, especially larger companies. It is a very adaptable package!

The good: The things I like best about TrueERP is that it is user-friendly and straight forward. It also makes invoicing very easy.

The bad: Only that with the last update some of our templates were effected & some preferences were changed which was a little time consuming to fix.

from Aaurora Fencing says…

We purchased the company which was already utilizing the software. I would say the software is user-friendly and the functionality suits my daily needs. We are always able to get real time support and to my knowledge, I don’t know of any issues that haven’t been able to be rectified.

The good: It suits our needs and it works well.

The bad: The accounting side is a little complex and has been a challenge.

from BES says…

This has absolutely helped us manage our businesses and the real-time support is a big bonus. Any accounting package is going to have its niceties and its warts. TrueERP has a lot less warts! It can fit to each unique company/business. I do recommend the software.

The good: Being able to see the linking from sales transactions, receiving in stock, and invoicing. It is great to see the chain all the way through. This is very relevant to customers with a lot of stock.

The bad: We have some struggles with data importing/exporting. It would be nice if there was an easier way to tidy this up and make it more consistent.

from Betacraft NZ says…

TrueERP has helped manage our processes and there are definitely parts that are user-friendly. Some parts are little more difficult to manage. We are always able to call and get real time support. Use the shortcuts available for training, like the help pages.

The good: All the best parts I take for granted because I use the software on a daily basis, and it does what I want it to do.

The bad: At times the speed, and it would be great to have a report writer we could use.

from Rapp Australia says…

It does help me manage daily business, I think it’s good and it does what I want it to do. I would like to embed more of the manufacturing features in, especially now with version 2017. The software is user friendly, but the user environment is always changing so it could continue to evolve. I am always able to call and get real time support, and support now is better than it was previously. I have recommended the software to others quite a bit.

The good: I love that I can get things live. The value for the money is great because it is always developing.

The bad: It’s great in development, but it’s still rising. There are small functionalities I want it to have, like being able to print from the prepayment screen.

from Akubra Hats Pty Ltd says…

I like it, I would recommend it! It has made my work quicker, especially invoicing and accounts. It is quite user friendly once you get to know it. Take notes during training and get in and use it! Use the sample company they set up and give it a run! It’s really about getting in, using it and getting familiar.

The good: Usability and how quickly I am able to access payroll and accounts.

The bad: There’s not really anything I like least.

from Placid Pools says…

TrueERP has helped us with POS, invoicing and tracking customers and stock. I suppose it is user-friendly. As with everything though, for those who aren’t as computer literate, you may have to play around. I am able to call in for support when I need it and I would recommend it. Like any new program it takes time to appreciate the complexity.

The good: Inventory and customer/stock lists

The bad: Financials

from Quality Energy says…

I would recommend it! Our implementation experience was very good, there is just so much to learn. It is quite user friendly. It’s a very detailed software, so it does require more training for those who don’t use it daily. I love it, I think it’s really good! When I call in for support there is always someone there to answer. We also now started receiving e-mails covering our logged support issue.

The good: It has everything! Manufacturing, invoicing, accounts… We don’t have to use five or six different systems.

The bad: Nothing really. The CRM module is a little difficult to use, but we could just use a little more training.

from Quality Energy says…

I would recommend it! Our implementation experience was very good, there is just so much to learn. It is quite user friendly. It’s a very detailed software, so it does require more training for those who don’t use it daily. I love it, I think it’s really good! When I call in for support there is always someone there to answer. We also now started receiving e-mails covering our logged support issue.

The good: It has everything! Manufacturing, invoicing, accounts… We don’t have to use five or six different systems.

The bad: Nothing really. The CRM module is a little difficult to use, but we could just use a little more training.

from Manuplex says…

TrueERP has helped me manage my daily business processes and I can call in to get real time phone support. We are waiting on an issue with the tax summary, but this should be resolved in the latest version. I would recommend the software to a friend/colleague.

The good: It’s easy to use once you get to know it and I can make entries quickly.

The bad: Nothing really.

from Fashion Uniforms Ltd says…

Using ERP had definitely helped us manage our business! We used to have three separate systems for manufacturing, accounting and invoicing. I would definitely recommend TrueERP to a friend or colleague, I love ERP! Going from three separate systems to this has made my life so much easier!

The good: The feature I like best about TrueERP is accounts and I find the reporting very good. It’s nice to be able to drill into a transaction when digging for details. I also like the ability to export to Excel. It’s all very accurate!

The bad: Sometimes batch updates take some time because of all the data.

from Steel Maines Pty Ltd says…

ERP is user friendly and a big step up from our last software; the way everything links together is great! We are a very complex company and have 3 major sites. We are still in the process of finalizing our specific additions/customizations. Once these are finalized we would be a great reference because of the complexity of our business.

The good: I like the transparency between transactions, to reporting, to customer and supplier accounts, and how everything is linked.

The bad: The perpetual system is difficult for us. For example, in month-month reporting I would like to prevent people from posting in previous periods. I would like these periods to lock and any adjustments to be posted to the following month.

from Noakes Engineering Distributor Pty Ltd says…

ERP has helped us manage our daily business and is user friendly, but I feel it would still be beneficial to have additional training. We are always able to get phone support, but sometimes we do have to follow up with them for larger issues. Support in our local office is generally good.

The good: It does what we need it to do and I’m quite happy with it overall, particularly with the sales process.

The bad: Nothing really. We are a family run business and it does everything we need it to do. I would like to receive notifications if new production versions become available!

from Mavalerio says…

ERP is user friendly and has helped us manage daily business, especially for my position. I don’t usually need to call in for support, but when I do they are always there for me. I would recommend TrueERP.

The good: It is very user friendly, if I don’t know something I can usually find it, if not there’s always help.

The bad: That’s a hard question… I guess what I like least is that we can’t customize our reports exactly the same as our sister company in Brazil.

from Texas Erosion Supply says…

TrueERP has helped us manage our sales, invoicing and purchasing processes. When we need support is good. I’ve always used the California office, they are very friendly and can answer any question!

The good: I like the ability to drill-down, it helps you find information faster, and I love the feature you have with templates, you can construct them on the fly.

The bad: Nothing that I really like least. For the most part any issue we’ve had has been resolved.

from RSL Cabs says…

I would recommend ERP because they have great customer service, its user friendly and very reasonably priced! I am always able to call and get real time support, and if I leave a message they always call back promptly. They usually solve my problems right away, but if they do need to get back to me it’s generally within 1-2 days. If its regarding an addition to the software, the longest we have waited is 1-2 weeks. I have worked with 25-30 different softwares, so I know that this is very user friendly. You just have to know your needs from the software depending on your industry.

The good: It is a very self-explanatory software.

The bad: I can’t really find any issues with it.

from Manuplex says…

TrueERP has definitely helped us manage our daily business. For the most part it is user friendly and I would recommend the software to a friend or colleague.

The good: TrueERP is great because it incorporates all parts of our business. We are currently running about 90% of the business through the software.

The bad: It can be glitchy and I also wish the support was better and more reliable. It would also be nice to get updates when new versions become available. I am definitely interested in getting the next production version!

from Odem Inc says…

First off, I love how this company actually tries to make sure their customers are happy. Most companies don’t care after they have sold you. TrueERP really values customer service and pride in their product. This is one of the best decisions I have made for our company. The product is easy to use and I love the customization portion. The inventory management is seamless and in real time! This helped us since we have multiple locations!

The good: Ease of use, customization and customer service

The bad: Reports are great but you need to be trained to get them designed correctly.

from Rengo Packaging says…

I would absolutely recommend TrueERP to a friend or colleague. ERP is user friendly, has helped us with our daily business processes and I am always able to call to get real time support.

The good: It’s great from the accounting side because everything is linked! I also really like the ability to drill down into financials to easily be able to see where the numbers roll from.

The bad: That you can’t drill into locked transactions without changing the closing dates in the software preferences, but I know once we update to the latest version we will have an option to include data prior to the closing dates in the main financial reports. It would also be nice to have an access level that makes all previous months read-only.

from Rodriguez Daycare says…

I am a new customer with TrueERP and so far so good. I am only using them primarily for accounting purposes but since the purchase it has worked perfectly. Overall I am impressed with their customer service and ease of use. The implementation process also went pretty smoothly. Over all they are a great company.

The good: Accounting in real time. Invoicing is very easy. I can email my customers directly from the software.

The bad: The previous invoices were not imported in the software.

from International Alignment Designs says…

Overall TrueERP has been very helpful to our business. It helped dramatically with our inventory control as well as our manufacturing. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend this product to any business whether it be start up or established. They do free customization of the software. Definitely ask them about this feature.

The good: Customization, ease of use, and real time.

from Old Fashioned Natural Products, Inc. says…

TrueERP was the Solution we needed!

The good: They are on top of any concerns we’ve come across and the product works very well.

The bad: We had to do some figuring out of our own with certain things. Things were specified that would be included but not enough to where they wouldn’t be specified right away.

from Jen’s Wholesale Books says…

For the first time I’ve found organization for my business. Inventory management was by far one of our biggest challenges and we could barely report accurately on the simplest of financials. TrueERP allowed us to track orders and make appropriate decisions based on our customer orders and real time figures.

The good: I am able control inventory more accurately than we ever have so I can make sure I am ordering enough of the right products, which helps me ensure that products do not sit on the shelf. I can also finally trust that our accountant has real time numbers to work with when generating reports to give us a true and current glance at where we stand. We have also requested a few custom reports which were developed specifically for us, like software that comes with amenities!

The bad: Integration with FedEx did take some time and we had to go back and forth with them for a while. Not - show stopper by any means, but definitely require more effort than we had anticipated.

from Rengo Packaging says…

I would rate ERP’s ease of use, overall functionality/quality and customer support a 10 out of 10.

The good: Using the software has helped me manage my daily accounting processes and I am always able to call and get real time support! I would recommend the software to a friend or colleague.

The bad: Nothing really.

from EyePlay Productions says…

The software is incredibly intuitive, pretty easy to navigate through and provides a lot of convenience with inputting as well as retrieving data.

The good: You can customize pretty much everything on it.

The bad: Integrating to a third party is not plug and play, they will definitely make it work but it will take some time.

A representative from DF Wholesalers Pty Ltd. says…

True ERP has helped me manage daily business processes. It is user friendly and support is available if needed. In my experience, you will learn the software as you go, but as far as a program, it’s beautiful.

The good: I like that I’m able to get reports that are required and I wont lose any info that is in the system. Its easy to search to get the info you are looking for and there are many ways to search for it.

The bad: If I leave it up and go away for a job, I have to log back in.

from 456-Designs says…

TrueERP has been a big help to our business. Easy to use, Real Time, Great Staff!

The good: The staff is amazing! Customer service is always on point. The Software in itself is fast and reliable. It is also very easy to use. Our whole company loves it!

The bad: We like it all.

An True ERP user says…

Overall it has good features and has potential, but beware, when your business grows you will be shocked. It is very very slow and has many bugs. When they are reported, nothing is done. Looks nice when it is presented and sales people are very convincing. But after you sign on the dotted line, everything changes….Beware!

An True ERP user says…

We used True ERP a few months, the support team was horrible. Some thing they do not know, just ignore it. Not happy, they do not care. No improvement, not accepted customer feedback.

The good: Products could be have potential to improve, easy to input data.

The bad: Supporting is not enough, not professional and even ignore customers’ feedback.

from Protsurv Geo Centre says…

Easy to use - great support and I love the functionality .

Great product

The good: Ease of use and you don’t need big servers to run the software

The bad: Their way they handle shipping containers - there must be an easier way …


A complete business suite for any industry. 22 different modules to support complete process flow for any kind of the industry. Real time transactions, and reporting.

Easy to customize screen and can activate or deactivate the module as per the requirement. Can define Access to employees on 5 different levels. Have different searching criteria, and highly synchronized data. Can drill down to any record from the list.

Can customize POS screen, can set reminders, and reminders are aligned with every function where there is a need of it.

Numerous reports for each module and gives you the privilege to make your own custom reports. Apart from reports you have the facility of making charts. Printable reports can be designed as required.

A one stop solution to any nature of business.

The good: Real time reporting, access levels. Drilling down to a record, and how efficiently each module integrates with other.

The bad: Idle user doesn’t logs off automatically.


By simple EASY OF USE

The good: The Integration between the module and the full control give to user

The bad: Need to add RFQ into Purchase module, also if need to kick out one user from the system


Software style is menu on left. Graphical large icons in middle. Can remove ones not used. Maintenance listviews w/custom buttons can re-order columns and export/search/sort/filter any column. Drill down anywhere to any level. All reports are chartable nice feature. Multi-language/currency. Colorful but not overly-so. All customers get all modules for the same price - turn off ones not wanted. Lots of preferences.

Can support up to 3 monitors.

No separate database is required (or used) - price includes license for MYSQL.

Has a global search feature that searches everything.

Very flexible EG the inventory part number can be any length - no maximum.

Nice CMS with pipeline dashboard.

The good: Software includes web page integration. Vendor offers free customizing if there is anything the client wants the software to do that it doesn’t do already.

The bad: Security monitoring shows which users are currently logged in to the software, but does not show what they are doing.

Shipping module not yet integrated with all major shipping companies (UPS, FEDEX, DHL etc).