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TruckersBooks, Inc.

A developer of business management software.

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TruckersBooks software is a division of TRUCKTAX, a Truckers Bookkeeping Services Company, with over 28 years’ experience providing bookkeeping services to truckers in Canada and the USA.

The TruckersBooks division was created to develop an easy-to-use bookkeeping management and control system for truckers that would allow truckers to know their numbers and have more control over the bookkeeping information and the source documents while reducing their bookkeeping and tax services cost.

TruckersBooks allows truckers to simply enter Income and all of the business operating expenses in customized for Trucking Chart-of-Account expense columns on the spreadsheets and the system will prepare a set of printable reports that will allow truckers to know their numbers on a monthly basis, without having to call an accountant or bookkeeper.

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