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The Truckers Helper

A developer of business management software.

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Business Software for Trucking Professionals

Automating Trucking Business Functions with Innovative Technologies

The Truckers Helper, LLC. provides business management software and web-based services for the trucking and transportation industry. Its products and services, including The Truckers Helper, simplify trucking business management, accounting and operations. The Truckers Helper, is a complete, fully integrated, real-time ERP (enterprise resource planning) system which offers all the tools necessary to manage your trucking business. The Truckers Helper includes Billing, Load Management & Tracking, Dispatch, Brokering, Accounting, Safety Compliance, Maintenance, Fuel Tax tracking & reporting, Routing & Fuel Optimization, and a comprehensive Reporting module all specifically designed for the trucking industry. With versions for Drivers, Owner/Operators and Fleets The Truckers Helper is providing cutting edge tools to all facuets of the trucking industry.

About The Truckers Helper, LLC.

The Truckers Helper was originally concieved in 1990 when John & Sheila Ewing started trucking. The original version of the program was a simple macro powered spread sheet written by John to assist Sheila in keeping up with their paperwork. In 1992, when John & Sheila became Owner/Operators, their needs increased and so John set to work rewriting the program to meet those new needs. As the program grew and took shape John & Sheila began to share the program with other owner/operators they met out on the road and the program began to take on a life of it’s own. Slowly, in response to requests from these new users for additional features the program began to grow into it’s current form. In 1996 John’s pager was going off so frequently that it was getting hard to get down the road and the decision was made to sell the truck and devote full time to The Truckers Helper. Since that time the program has continued to grow with it’s users and the original Owner/Operator program has now grown into a full blown small fleet program with all the tools necessary to manage a trucking business.

In 2002 the program took another giant step forward when Brian Wilson joined The Truckers Helper family and The Truckers Helper, LLC was formed. Brian’s advanced programming skills and knowledge of the latest cutting edge technology promise to bring the programs users even more functionality and keep them ahead of the pack in the years to come.

Putting Users First:

Since it’s inception it has been the goal of The Truckers Helper to allow it’s users to guide it’s growth and development. The Truckers Helper has and will continue to be designed by it’s users who are the ultimate authorities on what they need to most effectively manage their business. Whether you’re a company driver, a owner/operator or the president of a trucking company, your comments, suggestions and opinions are what drive the design and functionality of The Truckers Helper.

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  • Truckers Helper

    A software system designed by The Truckers Helper for transportation companies.

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