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ACH Universal allows you to easily create and transmit ACH transactions for collections from customers, payments to vendors, payroll to employees, and consolidating funds between accounts in different banks. Files can be created in PPD/PPD+, CCD/CCD+ and many other NACHA-standard formats.

Bank Reconciliation is an award-winning solution that automatically imports Bank and General Ledger data and matches them automatically and error-free so exceptions can be tracked and resolved.

Installed on a desktop computer, SQL server or Citrix server, this software is designed to get you up-and-running quickly and easily, regardless of whether or not you are currently in balance.

Bank Positive Pay allows you to create and transmit Positive Pay files directly to your bank - in your bank’s format.

Installed on a desktop computer, SQL server or Citrix server, it is designed to create and transmit check files to the bank - quickly, easily, automatically, and error-free. Bank Positive Pay works with all major accounting packages and all commercial banks.

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