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TransitionWorks Software’s Inmate Property-Trak is fully automated and encompasses RFID and barcode technologies to integrate with yourcurrent Jail Management System (JMS). Inmate Property-Trak allows officers to record an inmate’s personal property such as watches, rings, shoes, belts, and clothing when entering the correctional facility. All monetary possessions collected upon inmate entry are posted for commissary use or logged as evidence. The personal property bags are equipped with a barcode or RFID label to provide traceability and ease of locating upon an inmate’s discharge.

An inmate’s personal property is placed in a bag (or bags) which is tagged (RFID or barcode) and matched with the inmate’s unique identification number. The property is catalogued and assigned to a storage location within the secured personal property room. When locating or retrieving the personal property, just proceed to the assigned storage location. If personal property is missing and RFID technology is being utilized, an RFID scanner would be used much like a Geiger counter to emit an audible sound whose beeps increase in frequency the closer you get to the tagged bag. With barcode technology, the bag(s) of barcode tagged items are scanned to verify ownership. Property is maintained and updated based on inmate entry or transfer and is easily queried by using inmate name, case number, property type, date of entry or other identifying information.

Inmate Property-Trak automates the management and tracking of personal property providing an audit trail designating who, what, when and where. Mobile readers are used to rapidly inventory property within the property room and to locate misplaced items. An RFID reader can scan multiple items at once, greatly reducing the time required to conduct manual inventories. Fixed RFID readers can be placed at doorways to read bagged items passing in and out of the storage area. Items tagged with barcode labels are scanned each time the bag is removed or returned to the property room. Inmate Property-Trak enhances item entry with automated item identification, replaces paper logs with electronic records, and reduces lost or misplaced personal property resulting in more accurate accountability and traceability.

Inmate Property-Trak can be used in conjunction with Compli-Trak to provide your facility with a total inmate accountability solution.

Other Applications

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"Inmate Property Tracking" is part of the Asset & Facility Management line of products, developed by TransitionWorks Software.