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Hard-to-find or missing property and evidence can jeopardize the reputation of your law enforcement agency, drain your department’s resources or in extreme cases, air-tight convictions can fall apart when evidentiary chains-of-custody are questioned. Evidence-Trak enables users to track the location of evidence; the custody of each item as the item moves from the police department to district attorney’s office to the court and records the entire chain of custody. Officers and property room clerks can easily search by case number, officer name, violation, date, time, location, and other criteria.

Evidence-Trak is an automated evidence management system that captures and tracks all evidence from check-in through inspection, transference to a lab or court, release, or disposal. When a piece of evidence is checked in, the system generates a barcode and/or RFID tag that records important details about each item. The label is affixed to the evidence, which is scanned into inventory. Choosing to use a tamper evident RFID tag will render the tag unreadable to further protect the evidence in the event of tampering. Fixed RFID readers can be placed at the doorway of the evidence room to read tags as they pass through and/or mounted underneath the desk at the check-out window for countertop check in/out. An authorized person checking out evidence submits their ID Badge, case number, signature, and destination, linking this information to each specific piece of evidence removed. When that evidence is returned, it is scanned back into the store room inventory. Readers placed on exits from the evidence room ensure no unauthorized removal. Every transaction is automatically tracked and logged, and a full audit trail is provided for each item.

These are some of the benefits achieved by replacing manual sign-out sheets and automated tracking:

  • Evidence activity is Date/Time Stamped
  • Evidence is tracked by location, case number, officer assigned
  • A History File is available on demand
  • Unalterable “Chain of Custody” reporting
  • Current storage room inventory report available
  • Standard reporting for Checked-Out Items
  • Missing items report
  • An e-mail or SMS message can be sent for overdue notifications or action items

Evidence Trak not only allows departments to use personnel more efficiently, but also reduces storage space requirements; which can add up to significant cost savings for agencies that have evidence backlog issues. While some evidence must be saved indefinitely, the majority can be returned or destroyed once legal requirements are met. The system can generate notifications to alert personnel whenever an item meets those requirements so they can take the appropriate action. Automate evidence handling and improve efficiencies by making your evidence and property room management information instantly accessible with Evidence-Trak.

Other Applications

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"Evidence Room Tracking" is part of the Asset & Facility Management line of products, developed by TransitionWorks Software.