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Correctional facilities are obligated to comply with governing guidelines. Compli-Trak monitors activities, including inmate’s daily exercise, guard’s daily rounds, suicide checks, medication dispensing, transfers, head counts, safety equipment audits, etc yielding precise record management. TransitionWorks Software’s Compli-Trak provides an audit trail of inmate activity, automated documentation of security checks and other daily inmate occurrences. This automatically collected data is transformed into usable, real-time information, which greatly reduces time consuming manual data entry, costly lawsuits, and non-compliance fines. Compli-Trak is compatible with current jail, record or other inmate management systems.

It starts in booking where new arrivals are processed. They are issued armbands or ID Cards fitted with their photo, a barcode and/or RFID tag containing the pertinent inmate information. That information may include cell assignment, medical prescriptions, recreational activity time allotment, and/or personal property collected. An inmate’s risk level and gang affiliations can also be stored. With a handheld scanner or via an RFID portal, an inmate’s activity can now be tracked, including where they go, when they eat, medication dispensed, transfers to/from courts and other facilities, head count presence, recreational activity time, commissary supply items assigned, and behavior.

RFID changes the scope of inmate tracking. Utilizing RFID technology, portal reads of large groups are also possible permitting headcounts to be conducted with handheld readers or via walk through portals. Portals can also be effectively used to accurately record transfers to/from court, to the cafeteria or any other doorway/entrance to an area that requires documenting who/when someone passed through. Automating these procedures saves valuable time, and yields greater regulatory compliance and accuracy.

TransitionWorks’ Compli-Trak solution is unique in its ability to utilize multiple technologies autonomously or simultaneously, including biometric identification, RFID, and/or barcode. A biometric reader can recognize an inmate’s fingerprint, providing a verifiable form of inmate identification (especially useful when dispensing medications, court appearances, dangerous commissary items, or as a signature alternative). The system is customizable to meet the needs of your institution. User defined data fields are available for facility specific information. A graphical user interface (GUI) map allows authorized personnel to view an inmate or guard’s last known location on a visual blueprint of the facility.

Compli-Trak is a web based application enabling users to control their facilities without boundaries, supplying security and control even during those times when you cannot physically be in the building. Personnel with authorized security access can log-in to the system from any web browser, including a PC, PDA or Smart Phone. Compli-Trak improves efficiency, accelerates inmate processing and provides you with a reliable system to manage day-to-day requirements.

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