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There is a wide range of equipment involved in state and local government operations and tracking that equipment can be a challenge. Imagine if that challenge could be met with a software package that allows you to track any piece of equipment that can be tagged with an RFID and/or barcode label. With Asset-Trak, managing your equipment and supplies becomes an automated process that will ultimately save you time and money. Asset-Trak simplies the process required to enter, capture, and cleanse data at the point of business activity, updating all pertinent systems in real-time where necessary.

Asset Visibility helps organizations locate, track, monitor and improve the use and maintenance of its assets. Our software solution captures the tag data from radio frequency identification tags (RFID) or bar codes, consolidates that information into easy-to-view reports and provides a variety of alerts to other systems, as well as personnel via email or text messages. The application provides customers the flexibility to use the appropriate technology or combinations of technology such as RFID (active and passive) and barcodes to best meet your requirement at the lowest cost. TransitionWorks offers several different asset tracking software packages depending on the tracking capabilities and the type of functions required

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Asset Tracking:

"Asset Tracking" is part of the Asset & Facility Management line of products, developed by TransitionWorks Software.