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A developer of business management software.

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Knowledge centric organization providing clinical, financial & IT Solutions to clients through innovative technology and global practices for two decades now.

US healthcare market is over $2.5 trillion and is not affected by recession.

  • Tranquilmoney has a unique position as provider of a combination of software + a back office (SAAS and BPO) for healthcare Revenue

Cycle Management

  • Back office in India
  • Unique advantage in Retail Pharmacy offering Pharmacy claim reconciliation , contract and audit management.
  • Physician Practices and Hospitals get integrated practice management and electronic health records software’s, business and revenue cycle management services .

Our Clients: Hospitals, Physician practices, Pharmacy Chains, Medical Billing companies, Insurance Carriers and others.

Our Strengths

  • ONC ATCB certified EHR +PM software with revenue cycle management services
  • Proven delivery capability in health care outsourcing
  • Global delivery model
  • Well structured Training – Domain , soft skill , technology and management .
  • Total Quality management & Continuous Monitoring system(3- Tier Quality Assurance with monthly internal audits, Quarterly and ISO audits)
  • Flexibility to work in shifts
  • Qualified staffs and effective recruitment process
  • Guaranteed returns and Satisfaction of our customers.

Product Lines

Market Focus

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