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A web‑based software system designed by Traker Systems.
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Specialized Cloud Based Management Software

For over 20 years Traker Systems’ web based management software has provided powerful and affordable management and organization solutions for warehousing assets and casinos with the use of our specialized cloud based management software.

Traker’s unique web based management software has made warehouse management easier than ever. Now users can easily access their data from any internet connection all over the world.

  • Customizable fields that you can alter and even set the field character lengths, based on your customer requirements – no more restrictions.
  • Limitless Multiple Units of Measurement allows you to – Receive by the Case – Store by the Each – Bill by the Pallet- all this and so much more.
  • Attach and view multiple pictures and documents. *Traker Systems has advanced security included with your monthly Hosting Fee:
    • Advanced security ensures role based views and system access for employees and customers
    • SSL Data Encryption: Complete Encryption of data between our Servers and Clients.

Cloud Based Management Software

  • Users may be allowed to access
    • Specific Warehouses
    • Specific Clients
    • Specific Operations with the warehouse
  • Customers can take a look at their inventory across multiple warehouses and easily run consolidated reports.
  • Web based tracking software allows users to obtain alerts on important events happening within the warehouse environment.
  • iTracker API Access: Access to data through Web Services using 128 bit API key.
  • Accurate Inventory Control

Web Based Management Software for Billing & Fulfillments

With Traker Systems’ cloud based management software, flexible and powerful invoicing capabilities are now provided for multi-client and client owned inventory. In addition to painlessly creating billing charges, Traker Systems makes it easy to uphold precise records of your Accounts Receivables using a simple and seamless interface linked with QuickBooks Accounting.

Plus, Traker Systems’ warehouse management system for third-party logistics, public warehouses, public refrigerated warehouses and companies provides detailed and easy to manage fulfillment services.

Inbound receiving, picking and shipping are now made easy with Traker Systems’ web based tracking software.

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