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What is Tractivity?

Tractivity is a complete management system that continuously measures job cost information for accurate budgeting, estimating, bidding and process improvement. The system utilizes mobileTrac, pcTrac, fieldTrac, and touchTrac methods that replace labor-intensive paper timesheets. mobileTrac automatically collects payroll, job cost, materials, and job progress information. A wall-mounting docking center automatically transfers employee timesheet information without operator intervention. Windows based software provides Measurement and analysis, payroll, job progress, process cost, job cost, net profit, budgeting, bidding and estimating.

Why is Tractivity Accurate?

Information recorded at the time and place the work is actually being performed is highly accurate. Information that is “stated“ from memory is inaccurate and unreliable. Bidding and estimating is based upon accurate cost measurements – not inaccurate assumptions. Because Tractivity collects payroll and cost information at the same time, all job cost information is reconciled with actual payroll cost.

Why is Tractivity Unique?

Tractivity accurately measures operational information without disruption to the work force. mobileTrac frees employees from the disruption of walking back and forth to a recording device resulting in recovery of wasted time and increased accuracy. mobileTrac timestamps every activity when it is performed resulting in the most accurate measurement possible.

Bidding and Estimating

Bidding and estimating are predictions that are based upon assumptions. If the assumptions are wrong, the bid or estimate will be inaccurate. Because of continuous measurement and feedback, Tractivity budgeting and bidding functions are very accurate. Management is able to view work-in-process (WIP) variance reports comparing the job budget/bid with actual measurements. This enables management to take corrective action before it becomes too late.

Tractivity will calculate the net profit based upon a revenue entry or will calculate the revenue (bid) based upon a target net profit entry (i.e. 10%), or :. For example: If the profit target entry is 10% and the labor cost is $2,377.50and the material cost is $1,949.51 and the overhead cost is $2,840.03 then the Tractivity software will compute Revenue at $7,963.30 Gross Margin at $3,636.29 and Profit at: $796.26

Previously completed jobs can be converted to a budget from the actual cost to compare the actual bid with what the bid should have been.

Assemblies and Budgets

Tractivity supports the creation of assemblies and subassemblies that include labor and material. For example, a drawer consisting of labor and materials may be made into an assembly. When the drawer is added to another assembly the cost is automatically computed and rolled up into the top assembly.

Why is Tractivity Comprehensive?

Tractivity considers every cost of a project. Employee wage rates, overtime, burden, workers compensation, overhead, and material costs are all measured to reflect the true cost for every operation.

Why is Tractivity Easy?

Using mobileTrac, employees record the job and activitythey are beginning by typing the code or choosing from a help list. There is no stylus or complicated interface, no disruption to walk to a data collection station and no need to remember times

Why is Tractivity Economical?

The convenience of mobileTrac typically saves a business 10 to 15 minutes per employee workday. There is no need to disrupt employees to work to a stationary device or to share expensive portable devices. The fact that the Tractivity PDC can only be used to report payroll and job costs, employees cannot waste time playing games or use the device for any other purpose.

How did Tractivity develop this solution?

Tractivity continuously seeks the input and feedback of their customers using focus groups and telephone interviews. Customer input and suggestions are highly valued and drives the product develop direction.

What else is unique about Tractivity?

Tractivity is highly portable. Employees carry mobielTrac with them everywhere they go including field activities such as installations. The long life internal battery will easily hold a charge for more than a week at a time. For mobile employees who rarely report to the office, Tractivity provides a mobile docking station with an internal modem that connects to a telephone line to transmit timesheet information.

Do employees like using Tractivity?

Employees typically dislike paperwork and prefer the ease and convenience of the Tractivity mobileTrac. Many Tractivity customers first learned about Tractivity from the positive comments of Tractivity mobileTrac users.

Why Do Businesses Need Tractivity?

In order to assure profitability, the cost of delivering each product must be known. Unknown costs will result in poor assumptions leading to lost bids or unprofitable jobs. Measurement and feedback is the only way a business can be certain bidding, pricing and operational costs are in line. ”If you’re not measuring, you’re guessing.“

Industry Facts

Our experience indicates that about 80% of the businesses we speak with are attempting to obtain job cost information using a labor-intensive paper timesheet method.

According to Tractivity research, employees are spending between 10 and 20 minutes per day to record their activities on a timesheet. This seemingly small amount of time actually translates into over 5 man-hours per employee per month. Even at a modest wage, the monthly burdened labor cost is significant.

Product Lines

Market Focus

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