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One of the most important aspects of your management operation is your ability to stay on top of the financials. In fact no other function is more critical. Choosing the wrong application for your Condo/HOA will hold you back, leading to inaccuracies, inefficiencies, and lots of extra effort just to perform routine tasks.

TOPS Professional’s® accounting is user-friendly, powerful, and seamlessly integrated into all facets of the application. Implementing TOPS Professional® means empowering your team to generate invoices, produce accurate reports, pass charges back to homeowners, get detailed histories, quickly process receivables and automate accounting procedure s in a scalable system that grows with you.

  • Save time managing receivables TOPS gives you five methods to record cash receipts: one-off, in batches, lockbox processing, direct debit, and website payment processing!
  • Easy to learn and use TOPS was designed to be intuitive, user-friendly, and with a simplistic interface that doesn’t require previous accounting knowledge.
  • Lots of reporting options Every financial report in TOPS has different variations and can be generated as a PDF, Excel™, Word™, or HTML document!

Accounting Features

  • Cash or accrual accounting
  • Lockbox integration
  • Integrated direct debit
  • Allow owners to pay online through community website
  • Manage all payables across all communities on one screen
  • Payables lockbox integration
  • Seamless integration of accounting in property management modules
  • Dozens of reports
  • Desktop check scanning
  • MICR check printing
  • Follows AICPA guidelines for Condo/HOA accounting

Eliminate the Pain of Collections

Staying on top of delinquent owners is more than just a nuisance. That’s why TOPS Professional gives you powerful automation tools to shorten the time and effort needed to manage collections.

  • Track charges based on custom charge tables you define
  • Automatically find all delinquent owners and print custom collection letters
  • Refer delinquent owners to your attorney for collections from within the software*

The General Ledger is the heart of any accounting system. The GL defines the Chart of Accounts, Budget, Journal Entries (even Recurring!), and accounting period management. The General Ledger is where all of the accounting magic happens in TOPS Professional.

Fully Customizable

The Chart of Accounts is fully customizable per your specifications, or you may copy the sample CoA provided by TOPS. Cost Centers and Department tracking is also fully supported.

Standards Compliant

The General Ledger of TOPS Professional features Fund Balance reporting, in compliance with the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) guidelines for community accounting.

Fraud Prevention

To prevent fraud, the Backdate Protection system prevents backdating transactions to closed periods.

Complete History

Quickly look up and print a full transaction history for each account in your chart of accounts.

Built-in Security

Secure accounts with out of balance and close month protection.

Detailed Budgets

A full budget development system is provided. Budgets can be defined down to the charge code level, complete with an easy spreadheet-like data entry method.

Automate Common Entries

Perform one-time and recurring journal entries for repeat entries that need to be made on a regular basis, such as monthlty or quarterly. Recurring journal entries can be variable or fixed amounts.

Advanced Reports

Budgeting is incorporated into the advanced reporting structure to allow comparison reporting to keep your communities on track with their budgets.


Generate professional financial statements on demand, such as balance sheet, income/expense statement, reserve fund statement and full general ledger.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounting:

"Accounting" is part of the TOPS Professional line of products, developed by TOPS Software, LLC.