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TOPS Software, LLC

A developer of business management software.

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Our Mission: To deliver extraordinary customer service as we provide for our customer’s needs in the property management industry.

TOPS Software was founded by Jeff Hardy in 1985. Jeff had initially created TOPS as a way to automate processes for his own management company which he built to 90 communities and nearly 15,000 homes under management. He quickly realized that the Condo/HOA industry needed these same automation tools and shifted gears to making TOPS a marketable solution.

Fast forward over 30 years and TOPS is in use in thousands of management operations by tens of thousands of users to manage millions of homes. Longevity and success has been achieved by providing superior property management software products and services for our loyal and valued customers.

Jeff Hardy, TOPS Founder

Prior to founding TOPS Software, Jeff’s background was in accounting and property management. He worked as a staff accountant and accounting manager for two Fortune 500 companies for eight years, becoming a division accounting manager overseeing four divisions of a large, multi-national technology company in the Washington, D.C. area.

In 1977, Jeff founded a management company which specialized in management of condominium and homeowners associations in suburban Maryland. As his management company’s portfolio rapidly grew, he realized a need for computerized tools to manage his portfolio while also keeping costs down. He began developing an in-house software solution in 1979 at nights in his garage with the help of a neighbor who was a programmer. TOPS was released for sale to the public in 1985. Since then, TOPS has become the most widely used software for the Condo/HOA industry and continues to stay at the forefront of technology.

Jeff has been a speaker at a number of local and national CAI conferences on the subject of computers and technology over the years. He is also a founder partner and speaker at the CAM Profitability Conference, a series of seminars designed to help management executives increase profitability for their management operations.

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  • TOPS Professional

    A property management software system designed by TOPS Software, LLC for real estate & property management companies.

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