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Features Include

  • Customizable .net grid provides users with the ability to choose the columns that the user wants to see on the bid item grid as well as the titles of the columns
  • POs and Subcontracts can be created from the bid item grid
  • Budgets and schedule of values are created/updated from the bid item grid
  • Users have the ability to selectively calculate sales tax on the cost of rows as well as the selling price of rows
  • Columns are drag and drop for positioning. Users can define column widths
  • Users can sort on any column. Users can have as many sorts as desired (i.e. primary, secondary…)
  • Users can define the formats and verbiage of their proposals
  • Users can email, fax and/or print proposals out of Toolbox. PDF or other formats can be saved with the estimate job
  • Assemblies can be created and pulled into the bid item grid. Unlimited tiering of Sub-assemblies can be set up. Assemblies can be redefined from within the bid. Assemblies can be pulled in from other bids
  • Inventory items can be pulled from specific locations
  • Unlimited item cost rates can be maintained for inventory and non-inventory items, and can be used to pull into the bid item grid
  • Inventory and non-inventory item look-up grid provides uses with a dynamic way of looking up item. Items can be looked up with any portion of the item codes, and/or descriptions
  • Users can utilize unlimited tiering capabilities
  • Sub items can be pulled in with assemblies or created on the fly
  • For each row, markups can be based on bid rates, markup percent, margin, or amount
  • Dimensions and computations on the dimensions can be selected

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Estimating:

"Estimating" is part of the TimeSuite ToolBox line of products, developed by TimeSuite Software.