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Features Include

  • Customizable Screens (Add or remove fields from input screen)
  • An automated audit trail facilitates error corrections
  • Date sensitive agings by job or vendor(separate column for retentions)
  • Customizable agings
  • Customizable Subcontracts agreements
  • Subcontractor check stub that provides the same information as a progress pay application/draw request
  • Customizable Purchase Orders and Subcontracts (Add your logo, drag and drop fields, add and remove data)
  • Buy out jobs effectively, and easily track committed costs
  • Calculate sales tax on POs, Subcontracts and Invoices
  • Use assemblies for Purchase Orders, Subcontracts, and/or AP Invoices
  • Retention
  • Track Lien Notices and Releases, and prompt user when notice is applicable
  • Auto fill option in Liens tab of job notebook shows all checks generated for Vendor/Sub
  • System warning when paying vendor/sub where lien notices exist
  • Hold Status for Invoices, POs, Subcontracts
  • Select/re-select print form from PO and/or Subcontracts
  • Unit costing
  • Active/Inactive status for vendors
  • Use Tax reporting. Unlimited sales and use tax entities
  • Pay by job, due date, discount date, or by vendor/vendors
  • Warnings for expired insurance/license dates for subcontractor reporting
  • Joint check functionality
  • Generate check from invoice entry
  • Warnings on duplicate invoices
  • Accommodates the one time miscellaneous vendor
  • Vendor discounts by days from invoice date, days from first of next month, days from first of second month
  • Calculate additional/second vendor discounts on POs, Subcontracts and Invoices
  • Notes section for each vendor
  • Mailing labels

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Payable:

"Accounts Payable" is part of the TimeSuite ToolBox line of products, developed by TimeSuite Software.