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TimeSuite ToolBox

A full ERP system designed by TimeSuite Software.
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Toolbox is a solid project, estimating and accounting application that is intuitive and customizable. Toolbox has a relational database architecture, and utilizes a relational SQL database tool. The relational architecture facilitates ease of use. The difference between Toolbox and our competitors is that we have both a relational architecture, and we utilize a relational SQL database tools. Several of our competitors have converted to relational SQL database tools, but still have non-relational architectures. Toolbox development began in April of 1994, and has had active users since October 1996. Toolbox has been developed for windows since day one (not a converted DOS system). Toolbox offers a single-entry, real-time method of processing.

Popular Functionality Modules

Job Cost Features Include: Unlimited tiering of levels for phasing/cost codes and billing codes and change orders Set up phases/cost codes and billing codes to match CSI libraries or…

General Ledger Features Include: Burdens post correctly between direct, indirect, and general and administrative expenses Departments and Divisions reporting Multi-company within the same…

Accounts Payable Features Include: Customizable Screens (Add or remove fields from input screen) An automated audit trail facilitates error corrections Date sensitive agings by job or…

Accounts Receivable Features Include: Customizable Screens (Add or remove fields from input screen) Customizable Invoices (Add your logo, drag and drop fields, add and remove data) Date…

Payroll Features Include: Multi-State/Province payroll Union Payroll Certified Payroll Confidential Payroll Enter equipment transaction through payroll entry Import data from any PDA…

Complete Functionality Module List

Reviews of TimeSuite ToolBox

from Advanced Electrical Solutions says…

Toolbox is very intuitive, and easy to use. I am familiar with Quickbooks, and I thing Toolbox is just as easy to use. It is real time, and does the audit trail for you. The entry screens and grids are customizable. The financial reporting features automate posting and reversing over under billings, and accrue wages. The percentage of completion features are more comprehensive than any of the other systems that we reviewed. The full summary of contracts automatically ties into the income statement, and the system burdens my costs in a way that matches our estimating. The support is great, and I’m usually able to get right through without having to get called back. I love the dash-board reports. I read another review that said the Toolbox could not track credit cards. That is not accurate, and we love that feature.

The good: The ease of use, and speed.

The bad: We love the system.


Construction or contractor accounting software.

Does more than its competitors in the same price range but lacks some items that the larger softwares have

Small staff all on different time zones so sometimes it could take a day to get an answer

Not able to account for credit card liabilities. You must make journal entries.

Tracks cost of employees very well

The good: Ability to track all costs and very budget driven

The bad: Not able to accrue credit card liabilities, hard to get in contact with support staff who have the answers.