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TimeSuite Software

A developer of software designed for small-businesses in the construction industry.

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Toolbox is the first SQL based application developed for project-oriented entities, and currently only one of a few applications to follow normalized relational architecture rules.

In addition to possibly the most comprehensive feature list offered by a project-oriented application, we have distinguishing features that include customizable screens, relational SQL database, dynamic setup, impeccable audit trail, normalized relational architecture, automated percentage of completion accounting, and a flexible forgiving real time environment.

Toolbox Software Corporation is a spin off from Malouff & Company, P.C. A CPA firm that became involved in the software business after recognizing a need for a project-oriented system that was not modular based.

At Toolbox Software, our client always comes first. Our support is attentive and the response time is the best in the industry.

We have an open and honest approach to showing you what we have. We provide a full running demo. You should not be willing to accept an internet presentation where you are encouraged to make assumptions. There is a surprise factor involved in purchasing software. You should enter a hand full of transactions into an application before committing thousands of hours into maintaining it.

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