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Studio Manager includes a flexible job estimating and change orders capability. You decide which billable items you want to include in your standard estimate when you set-up Studio Manager.

After that, you just click “New Estimate” to get a new estimate with your standard line items that act like a checklist for you to enter estimated time and expenses. You can “post” the estimate to eliminate unused billable items.

When you actually work on the jobs, you can compare estimates vs. actuals as you progress through the job so that you can either ease off on the perfectionism when you get close to going over budget or ask the client for a change order if they’ve asked for one too many little changes that weren’t in the original budget.

All this is customizable to your exact needs. And, of course, the estimate itself can be in the font you want, with fields arranged as you want with your logo as well.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Job Estimating:

"Job Estimating" is part of the Studio Manager line of products, developed by Tokerud Consulting Group.