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This module provides support for housekeeping and the common information that is shared among the modules. Highlights include:

Links to a compatible accounting system’s inventory file which allows

  • The look up of inventory information.
  • The ability to add new item numbers without leaving ALERE Manufacturing.
  • Access to key settings in inventory that are used by manufacturing.

There is limited inventory functionality and customer ID support when ALERE Manufacturing is not linked to a compatible inventory system.

Access to basic customer information is provided when you are linked to a compatible accounting system. Reports for inventory and customer information are available.

An on-line Data Dictionary details the structure of the tables and reports in ALERE Manufacturing. Many separate companies can be supported by one installation of ALERE Manufacturing and the order in which they appear on the menu can be controlled.

Period closing functionality is active when you are linked to an accounting system which requires it. Multiple date formats and time formats are supported including Standard Engineered Minutes to three decimal places The number of decimal places can be set on

  • Reports.
  • Bills of Material.
  • Rounding quantity.

You can choose to post finished goods to inventory at their actual cost or at their standard cost. There is support for Average, Standard, LIFO, and FIFO inventory valuation methods.

Work orders can be automatically updated with the calculated schedule completion date. Inventory can be optionally driven negative when making material issues to jobs. Authorization to release work orders to production can be required. Work orders and material orders can be used at the same time in ALERE Manufacturing.

Email automation allows certain processes to be set up to automatically turn a report into a PDF file, attach that file to an email, add a message, and then send it to internal staff. One email automation rule can encompass multiple different actions. As many different rules can be defined as necessary. User return email addresses are defined as part of the login rights and options for each user. An internal email system allows outgoing email to be created and sent by ALERE instead of using an email program such as Outlook.

Key changes may be made for customer, item number, labor grade, location, product class, route number, and work center.

Language Settings permit you to customize menus, screens, and even different languages on a user by user basis. There are separate general ledger accounts for

  • WIP (Work In Process).
  • Variances.
  • Labor.
  • Fixed Overhead.
  • Variable Overhead.

A Reconcile Balances function can be used to find and fix differences between on order and allocated quantities when ALERE Manufacturing is linked to an accounting system.

The ability to assign manufacturing and inventory locations to a group so that MRP (Material Requirements Planning) can be performed on more than one location.

Recovering from network related interruptions is fast and easy. There is system wide packing and reindexing of files or you can selectively choose areas. A built-in utility checks the integrity of indexes. Security is company based. This means that a user’s access to individual companies can be controlled. Only the companies that a user is authorized to open are shown on the company menu. Extensive security capabilities that can

  • Require passwords based on screens.
  • Require passwords based on users by functions.
  • Allow no access, password access, unlimited access or read only access privileges.
  • Have expiration dates on rights.
  • Enforce minimum password size.
  • Keep a history of password use to prevent reuse.

A screen provides a list of all users logged into the system. Labels for customer mailings, finished good information, material items for work orders, and ot/serial numbers with item information and bar codes can be printed. A built-in modification tool enables the label, reports and even simple screen layouts to be customized.

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"Manager" is part of the ALERE Manufacturing line of products, developed by TIW Technology.

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