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The Plan Module is designed to greatly extend the capabilities of the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) process.

Using the plan process, the demand from sales orders and work orders is exploded down through the levels in the bill structures to find the components necessary to make the items that the orders require.

The list of required components are time-phased to determine when they need to be ordered or manufactured to fill that demand. The net requirements are converted into “planned” work orders and purchase orders which can be included in the MRP report.

The plan process accomplishes this task in one single pass and does not require the multiple passes common in most MRP packages. The planning can be done for a single location or a group of locations. The scheduling information can be integrated with the planning.

A Grace Period can be entered that tells the process how many days to wait for orders already placed to arrive before generating a recommended order. This allows the system to overlook temporary stock out situations.

A Minimum Order Period can be entered that controls how often orders are to be released. This permits you to group orders, thus minimizing constant reordering.

A Cushion can be set that adds to the lead time required for ordering items. Order quantities can be calculated for exact quantities to reach the order criteria or for multiples of the standard reorder quantity.

On one screen you can review the complete list of recommended work orders. The orders on the list may be automatically generated as work orders, individually or in groups. The list of orders can be arranged by

  • Ascending planned order number.
  • Part number and within part number by the recommended starting date for the planned order.
  • Recommended starting date and within the start date by part number.

The list of orders can be filtered by a location, a date range and an item number. Recommended purchase orders can be turned into pending or active purchase orders when ALERE Manufacturing is integrated with ALERE Accounting.

The PO Requisitions report lists the items that need to be purchased based on the planning process. The list of items to purchase can be filtered for a specific item, a location or group of locations, and a vendor. The date range of the list can also be set by beginning and ending order dates.

Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) is also done within the Plan Module. The MRP process supports both bucketed and bucketless planning and can be run for any range of dates. The bucketed process develops time-phased data and accumulates it in either weekly or monthly time periods. The bucketless approach develops time-phased data and displays it using dated records instead of buckets. This method permits you to see the detail of the MRP process such as the purchase orders, sales orders and work orders.

MRP may be run for a group of locations or for a single location. MRP may be limited to a single item, order number, or product class and only manufactured or purchased items. The MRP process can be used as a material shortage report by including only records that fall below safety stock levels or zero on hand stock.

The MRP report can integrate the recommended orders from the Plan Module to show their effect on the material planning process.

Synchronous Manufacturing is supported by including the production floor schedule in the MRP report.

A Push/Pull report makes recommendations on which purchase orders and work orders to

  • Pull forward to meet demand without creating new orders.
  • Push out because the items won’t be needed for weeks or months.
  • Change quantities to match fluctuating requirements
  • Cancel because they are no longer needed.

Item MRP Planning gives you rapid access to everything you need to know about timephased supply and demand for a single item right on your screen. Drill down to the actual work orders and a summary of the sales orders and purchase orders.

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"Plan" is part of the ALERE Manufacturing line of products, developed by TIW Technology.

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