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ALERE Manufacturing

A multi‑module management system designed by TIW Technology for manufacturing companies.
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ALERE Manufacturing is designed specifically for order driven and make-to-stock manufacturers. It includes all the day-to-day functionality that you might expect in a sophisticated manufacturing package. What you might not expect are the carefully designed “extras” that make it work in your environment.

Modifiability – The state-of-the-art architecture of ALERE Manufacturing is written using Microsoft tools, such as SQL and VFP, uses object oriented programming (OOP), and is table driven. This means

  • Most modifications are more quickly and easily done than older source code-only methods.
  • All modification can be stored in a separate directory by company. This means that if you are operating several companies, then each company could potentially have it’s own unique modifications.
  • Modifications are portable from one version to another which saves a company from the expensive and risky process of rewriting code.

Dynamic Screen Sizing – Screens may be resized on demand by dragging the screen larger or smaller. Any lists, notes fields or pictures on the screen are automatically sized with the screen. The key uses are

  • Long lists can be more easily viewed and searched.
  • More than one screen can be opened at a time and resized, which allows easy side-by-side data comparisons to be made.
  • Screen sizes can be preset for each user with a simple modification requiring no code changes.

MDI (Multiple Document Interface) – MDI permits you to have multiple screens open at the same time. This includes screens of the same type, for instance, having several different work orders open. To work on any one screen, simply click on it. This helps work flow by

  • Allowing you to work on multiple, different documents at the same time, in a manner similar to the way you work at your desk.
  • Making it easy to work on a screen, be interrupted, and return to the screen to pick up where you left off.
  • Permitting you to open screens with supporting information, which makes data entry easier.
  • Eliminating the need to open and close modules constantly.

Fetch Retrieval Tool - This tool is designed to be intuitive, easy to use, and reduce the time it takes to find information. Fetch is independent of the program modules so it can left open on the screen where it can be immediately accessed. Fetch can be used even if you are in the middle of doing something else.

Using Fetch is simple. For example, a customer gives you his purchase order number and wants to know the status of a job you are doing for him. Enter the PO number and then select the “by Customer PO” link. His work order is immediately found and displayed.

Advanced Browser - Browsers help find a specific record or piece of information. ALERE Manufacturing displays a browser each time the Get button is selected, the mouse is double left-clicked in a key field or F2 is pressed on the keyboard in a key field.

A browser provides a spreadsheet-like view of a table of information. Each column is a field, function or a user-definable field in the table. Each row corresponds to a record in the table. A browser allows a large amount of data to be quickly viewed. The capabilities of the browser are quite extensive. You can

  • Resize the browser screen to see more lines and columns.
  • Rearrange and resize the columns.
  • Order the file by any column in ascending or descending order.
  • Jump to the first record matching the characters entered.
  • Use relational logic to create powerful filters
  • Display filtered records as a group or within the context of the entire table.
  • Save the browser by function and user.

Global and Local Lingo – Language sets allow you to customize menus, screens and even different languages on a local (user-by-user) or on a global (all users) basis. This feature will literally enable you to have one user working in English, another user working in Spanish, and yet a third user working with menus designed to support only the area he or she works in. The benefits are obvious. When a user logs in, they can have

  • Menus designed for only them.
  • Screens and field names unique to their business.
  • Different languages.
  • Preset defaults.
  • Screen sizes to fit their hardware.

Hyperlinks – A Hyperlink is a relationship between two screens based on common information. Hyperlinks have been predefined throughout the system in ALERE Manufacturing. An example of their use would be accessing cost information for a work order by simply clicking on Cost > Inquiry > Work Order Cost. In this case the Hyperlink looks at the work order number and automatically gets the matching cost record. The benefits are as follows:

  • Supporting information for many processes is only one or two mouse clicks away.
  • Little or no training is required to use this intuitive feature.
  • The way in which work flows is smoother.

External File Hyperlinks – These types of links permit external files such as drawings, pictures, documents, email, web sites, etc. to be integrated into ALERE. There are four link formats that can be used.

  • www.(name) - For web sites
  • mailto:(address) - For email
  • http://(location) - For specific web site files
  • file:///(path) - For files on your local computer/network

These external file hyperlinks can be placed in any memo field within ALERE. Multiple links can be bundled in one memo field.

Diskless Workstation Installation – During the process of installing the software on a server, a workstation installation program can be optionally included. When this program is run from a workstation, it configures the workstation to run ALERE Manufacturing without the need to use a CD for the set up process. The benefits include

  • Faster workstation setup.
  • Allowing workstations without a CD drive to be linked to ALERE Manufacturing.
  • Adding additional workstations at a later date without the need to find the program CD.
  • Easy network reconfiguration.

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