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The Purchases Module is responsible for all purchasing functions, from entering a purchase order, through receiving and releasing to accounts payable, to approving and making payments. The key features are

Create or edit a quote, purchase order, return order, or a recurring order from one screen. Purchase orders and payables can be saved in a Pending state and later completed and released.

Email, view or print orders. Optional order version control for all orders. Orders may be “locked” to prevent further processing while still allowing changes to be made. Different Remit To, PO To, Ship To, and Refer To combinations. Override terms from suppliers. Assign expiration dates to orders. Auto complete orders or hold them open for further work. Load predefined comments and place them on orders. Accept and print orders from the entry screen.

Mark individual line items on a purchase order as a Purchase, Return or Credit. This permits returns and credits to be handled within one order. Change purchasing u/m on a line item using a conversion factor.

Each line item has a Need By date for receiving and material planning. A GL Group, which contains the GL accounts to use, can be assigned to each line item. Change purchase order line item unit costs right up to their release. Items on a purchase order can be received and the order considered complete if the quantity falls within an overage/shortage range.

Each line item has a Receive note for internal documentation which prints on the receiving ticket.

Each line item has a Line note which is printed on the purchase order that the supplier receives.

Convert a net negative order to a debit memo. Apply debit memos to invoices or auto convert them to a receivable or cash.

Return orders provide an easy way to ship items back to a supplier by producing pick tickets and tracking. Convert return orders to debit memos. Blanket orders can make releases to either a purchase order or directly to a payable. Auto convert quotes and recurring orders to purchase orders or payables. Line items on purchase orders may be partially or wholly received.

Line items on purchase orders may be

  • Received without being released as a payable.
  • Released as a payable without being received.
  • Received and released as a payable in one step.
  • Received multiple times and summarized on one payable.

Orders may be received one at a time or mass received. Received but unbilled purchase orders can be closed with the Done button. This permits purchase orders to be closed in the situations where there is no invoice or the invoice is for less than the amount actually received.

During the receiving process, item numbers may be optionally displayed as either your item number or the supplier’s item number.

PO receipts may be reversed on a line-by-line basis. An Activity tab on each order permits all related activity to be viewed with drill down. A GL Posting tab on each order displays in real time the general ledger postings generated by the order.

Orders without activity may be voided. Copy and restart voided orders.

Assign a GL Group to each line item that contains the GL accounts to use as a Pending order with full editing rights.

Reopen closed purchase orders and add line items or receive additional quantities.

Start an internal requisition order with a list of items to be purchased and send that request to the purchasing department. Since it is common for the employees not to know the item number of the items to be ordered, the order can be filled out using only a description and quantity.

Each line on a requisition can be released to a different supplier as a separate order.

Multiple quotes can be created to send to various suppliers for pricing information.

Payables can be created directly and “pull” information from a single purchase order, multiple purchase orders or recurring purchase orders

Payables created from multiple purchase orders will

  • List all open purchase orders with a supplier
  • Allow any combination of orders to be selected
  • Allow individual line items on purchase orders to be selected, along with the quantity, for receipt

Create a payable from a recurring purchase order that will allow selection of the line items and quantities to be used and receive the items into inventory when the payable is accepted

One screen handles the approval of payables for payment and the printing of checks.

Multiple ways to sort the list of payables to be approved are available, including by available discounts.

Apply debit memos and prepayments to payables as they are approved for payment.

Group together multiple payments to one supplier on one check or they may be individually selected and printed on a separate check.

Write individual checks directly from the Payables or AP/Cash Payments screens.

Approve and make payments by company and location.

Support for voiding checks includes the ability to

  • Mark individual non-sequential checks as okay
  • Renumber checks
  • Reprint selected non-sequential checks
  • Void checks
  • Record payments manually after-the-fact
  • Offset invoices against debit memos

Void AP payments and reopen the invoices as if they had never been paid. A separate single payment process specializes in handling payments made one-at-a-time by manual check or other methods.

The Aged Payables report supports

  • The reconstruction of past data based on an “As Of Date”.
  • Three intervals which you can define.
  • Aging by due date or invoice date.
  • Ordering by supplier or amount due.

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