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ALERE Accounting

A full ERP system designed by TIW Technology.
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ALERE Accounting contains the features you need to grow your business. Everything from keeping track of complex inventories, processing customer orders and managing payables, to providing sophisticated general ledger financial controls. ALERE does this by placing an emphasis on the details that make day-to-day activities run smoothly. Activities like processing a prepayment or handling a return are done quickly, logically and with a minimum number of steps.

Real Time Processing – Activities, such as GL journal entries and inventory transactions, take place in real time. This means:

  • Automatic period closings can save a company thousands of dollars each year in lost time
  • A real time general ledger allows financial reports to be printed anytime for critical period-to-date or year-to-date information

Modifiability – The state-of-the-art architecture of ALERE is SQL compliant, uses object oriented programming (OOP), and is table driven. This means:

  • Most modifications are more quickly and easily done than older source code-only methods
  • Modifications are portable from one version to another, which saves a company from the expensive and risky process of rewriting code
  • Screen and report defaults are readily changed and can be set up by user
  • Sales, invoices, cash receipts, purchases, payables, and inventory are always current as of the last transaction
  • Account balances, profitability and cash flow information are always available
  • Massive batch transactions that risk network integrity and cripple multi-user speed are eliminated.
  • Each user can have their own unique environment created for them, such as menus, language, etc.
  • One code base is used for both the LAN and Client Server (SQL) platforms
  • LAN based companies in ALERE can be run concurrently, from the same company menu, as SQL based companies

Dynamic Screen Sizing – Screens can be resized by dragging the edges with a mouse. Any grids, lists, notes fields or pictures on the screen are automatically sized with the screen. This allows * Long lists to be easily viewed and searched * Easy side-by-side screen data comparisons * Screen sizes to be preset for each user with a simple modification requiring no code changes

MDI (Multiple Document Interface) –MDI allows multiple screens and modules to be open at the same time. MDI improves work flow by allowing you to:

  • Work on multiple documents in one or more modules at the same time
  • Interrupt work on one screen without closing it to complete another task
  • Open other screens that have supporting information
  • Eliminate the need to open and close modules constantly

Advanced Browser - Browsers help find a specific record or piece of information. ALERE displays a browser each time the Get button is selected, the mouse is double left-clicked in a key field or F2 is pressed in a key field.

A browser provides a spreadsheet-like view of a table of information. Each column is a field, function or a user-definable field in the table. Each row corresponds to a record in the table. A browser:

  • Allows a large amount of data to be quickly viewed
  • Can be resized to see more lines and columns
  • Can have the columns resized and reordered in ascending or descending order
  • Will jump to the first record matching the characters entered
  • Uses relational logic to create powerful filters
  • Will display filtered records as a group or within the context of the entire table
  • Can be modified and saved for a specific user

Fetch Retrieval Tool – Reduce the time it takes to find information with this easy-to-use tool. Simply enter what you are searching for and click the matching link on the list. For example, enter a customer’s PO number and click on Order by Customer PO to find the matching sales order.

Fetch is independent of the program modules, so it can be left open on the screen for immediate access. Fetch can be used even if you are in the middle of doing something else.

Email - Key Sales and Purchase screens can automatically convert the order into a PDF file and send it via email. Stored notes can be added to the email besides being able to enter personalized messages.

At key points in the sales and purchasing processes, emails can be auto-generated and a PDF of the accompanying document attached and sent based on a set of user defined rules. This includes: acknowledging orders received from customers; forwarding invoices when orders are shipped; and releasing purchase orders and have them sent to suppliers. Groups of rules can be defined and assigned to individual companies to manage the process.

PDF Reports - Every report in ALERE can be turned into a PDF file to make it easy to share and add email. Reports that are printing multiple documents, a range of sales orders for example, will automatically be converted to multiple PDF files.

Language Sets – Language sets allow you to customize menus, screens and even have different languages on a user-by-user basis. When a user logs in they can have

  • Menus designed for only them
  • Screens and field names unique to their business
  • Different languages
  • Preset defaults
  • Screen sizes to fit their hardware

Activity Tabs – Most screens that have processes in ALERE have an Activity tab. The tab displays information related to the record that is open. For example, a sales order Activity tab may list the quote that started the order, shipments and returns, invoices created from the order, and payments and refunds. The Activity tab

  • Is instantly available for use
  • Has filters that control the amount and type of activity displayed
  • Provides a way to tie together related information
  • Supports drill down to specific data or documents
  • Data sorts by the columns that are displayed

Functionality Modules

General Ledger The General Ledger Module is responsible for all activities related to managing the general ledger. The key features are All GL transactions are posted in real time to the…

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Inventory The Inventory Module is responsible for all activities related to managing inventory. The key features are Average, Standard, LIFO or FIFO inventory valuations are supported.…

Sales The Sales Module is responsible for all sales functions, from entering an order, through invoicing to managing the cash receipts. Key features are: Quotes, sales orders,…

Configuration The Configuration Module is responsible for defining the product features and options that can be selected when entering orders for customers. The key features are The SOC…

Purchases The Purchases Module is responsible for all purchasing functions, from entering a purchase order, through receiving and releasing to accounts payable, to approving and making…

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