Is TimeLinx right for your business?

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As a project or service manager, do you ask yourself:

  • Can I guarantee that I have accounted for all project revenues and costs?
  • Am I effectivley utilizing all resources and have I optimized my workforce scheduling?
  • Am I delivering on my projects in the most effective and efficient manner?
  • Are my projects meeting their objectives, milestones and deadlines?
  • You owe it to yourself to learn more about TimeLinx software and the benefits of creating end-to-end project management within your CRM solution.

TimeLinx will eliminate duplicate data entry, automate numerous functions and give you complete visibility into:

  • What’s due.
  • What’s billable.
  • What needs to be scheduled.
  • Which employees are underutilized.
  • How long specific tasks are taking.
  • What’s behind schedule.
  • Which clients are most profitable.
  • Which staff are most/least profitable.

TimeLinx is CRM project management software that enables Professional Services organizations in virtually any industry to efficiently sell, deliver and bill for their services. Built within your CRM system and tied to your back-end fiancial and accounting software, TimeLinx improves business performance by helping you mange staff, projects and processes.

TimeLinx gives you real-time visibility into:

  • Which staff are most and least profitable.
  • Which clients are most profitable.
  • What projects and tasks are behind and on schedule.
  • Which staff are under-utilized.
  • How long specific tasks generally take to complete.
  • What work is due.
  • What work is billable.
  • What work needs to be scheduled.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Project Management:

"Project Management" is part of the TimeLinx line of products, developed by TimeLinx Software, LLC.