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CheckWriter is the core module of the CBS system. It automates checkwriting and daily bookkeeping functions for your clients—enabling them to keep track of their checkbook balances at all times. CheckWriter helps your clients quickly process all of their checkbook activity. With CheckWriter, clients can:

  • Pay bills and perform funds transfers online (if their financial institution provides this capability and is on the list of financial institutions that integrate with CBS).
  • Retrieve online bank transactions to view and add to the register and/or to use for automatic checkbook reconciliation (based on your configuration for each client).
  • Import the setup files you have prepared for the client company database.
  • Create custom check layouts using the program’s easy Layout Editor.
  • Record bank deposits, ATM activity, bank debits, credits, and transfers.
  • Add information on-the-fly during data entry for new general ledger accounts, vendors, employees, and more.
  • Simplify data entry for recurring items by creating memorized transactions for any type of transaction— and automatically recalling those memorized transactions. For instance, for a single vendor or payee you can schedule recurring payments without having to re-enter the data. Memorized transactions provide recurring, expiring, and scheduled features.
  • Print checks individually or in batches, or print checks with reports in the same job.
  • Maintain running balances, display the actual checkbook balance as well as a “tentative balance” that shows the effect of any unprinted checks.

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"CheckWriter" is part of the Client CS line of products, developed by Thomson Reuters.

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