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CBS Accounts Payable makes it easy for your clients to track the amounts they owe and the amounts that have been paid to vendors. It helps clients take advantage of early-payment discounts, avoid late-payment penalties, and effectively manage their available cash.

CBS Accounts Payable Features

CBS Accounts Payable gives your clients a clear picture of what they owe and when their payments are due.

Clients can:

  • Generate payables automatically for recurring payables, eliminating the need for additional data entry.
  • Use CBS Accounts Payable in conjunction with CBS PayCheck to automatically track payroll liabilities— in effect, treating employees’ payroll withholdings as payables to the appropriate tax authorities and benefit managers.
  • Unapply, void, or delete applied payments as needed.
  • Consolidate an unlimited number of payables to be paid with one check.
  • Record payables, track cash requirements, and produce aging reports.
  • Handle vendor-issued credit memos.
  • Reduce data entry by automatically recalling memorized vendor default information.

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"Accounts Payable" is part of the Client CS line of products, developed by Thomson Reuters.

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