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Client CS

An accounting software system designed by Thomson Reuters for accounting/legal/professional companies.
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Client Bookeeping Solution is an innovative small business bookkeeping system that automates check writing and financial record-keeping functions for the client and leaves the more complex accounting tasks for their accountant. It’s a win-win situation for both accountants and their clients.

What makes CBS unique is its integration with the accountant’s Write-Up Solution software. Here’s how it works: At month end, clients send their transaction details to their accountants on disk or via modem (they can even ask questions and explain their entries using electronic notes). This information flows directly into the accountant’s Write-Up Solution II—without rekeying any data. And, the time it takes the accountant to produce financial statements is reduced dramatically

Accounts Payable

CBS Accounts Payable makes it easy for your clients to track the amounts they owe and the amounts that have been paid to vendors. It helps clients take advantage of early-payment discounts, avoid late-payment penalties, and effectively manage their available cash.

CBS Accounts Payable Features

CBS Accounts Payable gives your clients a clear picture of what they owe and when their payments are due.

Clients can:

  • Generate payables automatically for recurring payables, eliminating the need for additional data entry.
  • Use CBS Accounts Payable in conjunction with CBS PayCheck to automatically track payroll liabilities— in effect, treating employees’ payroll withholdings as payables to the appropriate tax authorities and benefit managers.
  • Unapply, void, or delete applied payments as needed.
  • Consolidate an unlimited number of payables to be paid with one check.
  • Record payables, track cash requirements, and produce aging reports.
  • Handle vendor-issued credit memos.
  • Reduce data entry by automatically recalling memorized vendor default information.

Accounts Receivable

CBS Accounts Receivable automates your clients’ invoicing and billing functions, maintains information from receipts, and tracks sales to give your clients an ongoing, accurate picture of their receivables. Once your clients have set up customers, invoice items, payment terms, sales tax codes, and optional salespersons, the appropriate information automatically transfers into the invoice.

CBS Accounts Receivable Features

CBS Accounts Receivable enables your clients to:

  • Apply data filters to easily sort and analyze transactions. For example, clients can sort transaction information for a specific customer or view all transactions with open balances—even sort data by user-defined groups or sort codes, or clients can specify a filter that will show only the current customer activity while entering a new activity.
  • Use the Event Log to view a complete and detailed transaction history.
  • Edit transaction records, remove customer payments as needed, and enter invoices and cash receipts after-the-fact to maintain accurate accounting of all sales activity.
  • Customize data entry by specifying pages to hide if you don’t need to enter information on that page.
  • Deposit customer payments to multiple checking accounts or to cash expenditures.
  • Set up recurring AR transactions and create transactions either “on demand” or on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc., basis.
  • Export journal entries to the accountant’s general ledger for all receivable transactions, which can then be processed using either the cash or accrual basis in Write-Up CS.
  • Set up customer-specific prompting for credit or sales hold information, or to provide a status note for data-entry and sales professionals.
  • Batch finalize transactions without printing them.


CheckWriter is the core module of the CBS system. It automates checkwriting and daily bookkeeping functions for your clients—enabling them to keep track of their checkbook balances at all times. CheckWriter helps your clients quickly process all of their checkbook activity. With CheckWriter, clients can:

  • Pay bills and perform funds transfers online (if their financial institution provides this capability and is on the list of financial institutions that integrate with CBS).
  • Retrieve online bank transactions to view and add to the register and/or to use for automatic checkbook reconciliation (based on your configuration for each client).
  • Import the setup files you have prepared for the client company database.
  • Create custom check layouts using the program’s easy Layout Editor.
  • Record bank deposits, ATM activity, bank debits, credits, and transfers.
  • Add information on-the-fly during data entry for new general ledger accounts, vendors, employees, and more.
  • Simplify data entry for recurring items by creating memorized transactions for any type of transaction— and automatically recalling those memorized transactions. For instance, for a single vendor or payee you can schedule recurring payments without having to re-enter the data. Memorized transactions provide recurring, expiring, and scheduled features.
  • Print checks individually or in batches, or print checks with reports in the same job.
  • Maintain running balances, display the actual checkbook balance as well as a “tentative balance” that shows the effect of any unprinted checks.

Financial Statements

With CBS Financial Statements, you can enable your clients to produce any or all of these standardized financial statements:

  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statements
  • Cash Flow (direct and indirect)

CBS also includes options for location and/or department reports.


CBS PayCheck makes it easy for your clients to process their own payroll while providing you with accurate, timely data for tax compliance reporting. Working with CBS CheckWriter, CBS PayCheck streamlines this process so both you and your client save time and effort. Some of the benefits CBS PayCheck provides for the accountant include:

  • Clients’ monthly payroll transfers directly into Write-Up CS so you can effortlessly maintain the general ledger. The payroll detail flows into your software seamlessly, so there’s no need to re-enter any payroll data.
  • Payroll transactions are complete and ready to use when processing tax liability for quarterly and year-end reporting requirements.
  • The accountant/client relationship is enhanced because the monthly transfer of payroll information fosters an open line of communication.

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