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InSouce CS features several types of income tax processing, making it functionable for any multinational or domestic corporation. InSource CS gives you the ability to efficiently manage and automate income tax compliance and preparation processes in these areas:

  • Domestic Income Tax:
  • InSource will help you prepare consolidated and single company federal, state, and city tax returns. With automation, InSource will seamlessly take data from trial balance, and appropriately file the proper federal and state returns.
  • Partnership Income Tax
  • InSource will automate your federal, state, and local return processing. Additionally, you will be able to import data from your other accounting systems, saving you hours otherwise spent re-entering data. Since calculated and summarized trial balance amounts automatically flow to your tax returns; manual calculations are rarely needed. By automating data flow, you will see an immense improvement in your tax department’s efficiency.
  • Income Tax for Insurance Companies
  • As an insurance company you have unique needs that must be met by your accounting software; and InSource CS has just the solution for you. This software will automate the otherwise tedious process of reconciling your statutory financial data with IRS code and U.S. regulations. Since InSource CS automates computations such as carryovers, limitations and tax credits, there is no need for additional side calculations or supplemental software. Additionally, automation of compliance with unique state and city laws is easily handled by InSource CS. Every form and schedule you need to prepare your 1120-PC and 1120-L forms is included in the software package.
  • International Tax Return Preparation
  • InSource CS provides you with the flexibility you need to meet current and future international tax compliances. To start the software will first import Taxable Income data calculated for 1120 purposes; and then use that data to start Foreign Tax Credit computation. Simplification of U.S. tax computation in InSource CS allows your users to easily determine foreign earnings and profits, U.S. net income inclusions, deemed paid credits, and the Foreign Tax Credit. Included in InSource CS are the following IRS forms: 5471, 1118, 1120-FSC, Schedule P, 5472, 5713, 8819, 8833, 8621, TDF 90-22.1, and 8865.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Tax Preparation Software:

  • Worldwide Provision & Estimates

"Tax Preparation Software" is part of the InSource - Income Tax line of products, developed by Thomson Reuters.