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InSource has many unique functions, specifically designed to address the needs of insurance companies. To this point, there are numerous features within InSource that solve the needs of Insurance companies; such features are:

  • Insurance Income Tax Schedules and Forms - InSource Express features every form and schedule needed to prepare the 1120-PC and 1120-L returns. Additionally, every computation needed to compute the preceding returns, is done automatically, without the need for side calculations or software. Finally, calculation of all carryovers, limitations and tax credits are carried out automatically; and includes all necessary forms for insurance companies (such as the 1118, 5471 and 5472).
  • NAIC Annual Statement Transferring - The NAIC annual statement is the starting point for most insurance companies income tax preparation processes. As a result, InSource Express has made it easy for you to automate the process of acquiring data from the NAIC statement. InSource will automatically import current and prior year information from the following statements: Life and Accident & Health, Property & Casualty, Health, and Separate Accounts and Title. Through reconciliation and the summary screen you can easily verify numbers and compare key balances in the annual statement.
  • Failed Life Companies - InSource Express will calculate if your insurance company is required to file an 1120-PC instead of an 1120-L. If this is necessary, InSource Express will handle all conversion calculations for you.
  • Deferred Acquisition Costs - If you need to defer certain acquisition costs incurred during the year; InSource will calculate the amount of deferred acquisition costs and handle amortization of current-year and prior-year premiums, and prior-year negative amortization.
  • Loss Reserve Discounting and Salvage & Subrogation - InSource will calculate all LRD and S&S calculations using IRS tables or your company’s specified payment pattern.
  • Consolidations - InSource Express allows you to consolidate forms 1120, 1120-L, and 1120-PC; along with any applicable combined/consolidated state returns. To make your tax return preparation even easier, InSource Express allows you to automatically prepare Non-life and Life-Nonlife consolidated returns. Additionally, InSource Express features unique Consolidation Wizards that walk your through the consolidation process for each type of consolidation (regardless of size).

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Insurance Tax Returns:

"Insurance Tax Returns" is part of the InSource Express line of products, developed by Thomson Reuters.