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InSource Express features and audit analyzer that can help you establish a common footing with the IRS. This software is used by many corporations under audit and can let you:

  • Calculate federal income tax for domestic corporations
  • Manage your carrybacks and carry overs, credits, capital losses, and contributions
  • Compare an array of up to 10 scenarios; comparisons span 15 prior and 15 future years.
  • Fully analyze the dynamic relationship between deductions, credits, limitations, and phaseouts over many years.
  • Calculate federal and state corporate taxes, AMT, NOL, contributions, General Business Credit, and special rules.
  • Over 250 worksheets allow you to view how calculations were made.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Audit Analyzer:

"Audit Analyzer" is part of the InSource Express line of products, developed by Thomson Reuters.