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GoSystem Tax

A web‑based software system designed by Thomson Reuters for accounting/legal/professional companies.
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GoSystem Tax RS is your complete tax reporting solution. This web-based subscription service, standardizes your tax preparation processes in a secure online environment. Since GoSystem Tax RS is a web-based solution, you will be able to easily scale up or down your solution, as your business needs change. Additionally, the web-based nature will provide reduced maintenance costs and 24/7 access regardless of location. GoSystem Tax RS also provides disaster protection, meaning back-up of documents will be handled by Thomson, saving you time and money in storage space. Additionally, GoSystem Tax RS will automatically update itself with minimal desktop installations needed. Implementation is handled completely by Thomson agents; and integration with many leading accounting tools is available.

GoSystem Tax RS is designed to handle any simple or complex tax return. With more than 2500 state forms and schedules, GoSystem Tax RS is sure to have exactly what you need to properly prepare your taxes. This versatile software package puts no limit on the number of user, returns, or types of returns; providing you with unrivaled flexibility. GoSystem Tax RS includes many features and has the ability to:

  • Transfer K-1 data from 1041, 1065 and 1120S returns automatically. This is done using integrated K-1 transfer capabilities.
  • Review filing status with the built-in electronic filing capabilities.
  • Reduce preparation time with comprehensive review tools. Such tools include online conferencing, reviewer notes, interactive diagnostics, etc.
  • Handle complicated expatriate calculations.
  • Automate data collection processes saving hours of time by eliminating data re-entry.
  • Ensure you constantly have the most up-to-date local, state, and federal tax forms.
  • Centralize access to client data, providing superior organization.

Reviews of GoSystem Tax

An GoSystem Tax user says…

Its an efficient and time saving software for tax preparation.

The good: The response from your support team has been very effective.

The bad: Certain tax forms are unavailable in GO system which needs to be manually prepared with e Forms later.