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GoSystem Audit

An auditing application designed by Thomson Reuters for accounting/legal/professional companies.
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GoSystem Audit will provide you with everything you need to automate your auditing processes. This product enables you to handle every working trial balance engagement — from compilation to audit — more easily than you ever thought possible. GoSystem Audit prepares trial balances, performs analytical reviews, generates financial statements, and reduces tax return preparation time by 75%.

GoSystem Audit have several features to help you manage your auditing processes. These features include:

  • The ability for more than one auditor to work on different parts of a client’s account at the same time. Managers then have complete oversight of what task each auditor is working on.
  • The effects of journal entries on specific account balances can be immediately viewed.
  • The ability for you to create interim statements for clients. These statements require an interim compilation or review in addition to their annual audit.
  • The ability to calculate preliminary analytical rations. This will help your management team plan an audit when entering a trial balance prior to the end of the year.
  • Software functionality to consolidate up to 75 entities. Consolidation can be done on a number of variables: leadsheet code, leadsheet subcode, grouping codes, tax code, account type/class/subclass, consolidation code or account number.
  • The existence of multiple export options for data. GoSystem Audit will export data into Excel or Word, eliminating the need to re-enter data.

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