Is Fixed Assets CS right for your business?

Fixed Assets CS is a great fit for many businesses. Find out if it's the right choice for you! Are you looking for a Fixed Assets CS demo, technical support, product or pricing information or to simply to compare Fixed Assets CS with competitive options? Quickly get answers and the information you need.

Fixed Assets CS gives you unmatched options in customization and asset management. By purchasing and implementing this software application you will the benefits of the unique features offered with Fixed Assets CS. These features will increase efficiency, reduce costs, and net a positive ROI. The features of Fixed Assets CS are:

  • Your ability to select one of four treatments for each asset.
  • Ten options for calculating depreciation.
  • Automatic method/life fill in.
  • Ability to display the calculations used to calculate the depreciated value for any treatment used.
  • Ability to create custom reports or use standardized reports.
  • Integration with UltraTax CS and Write-up CS
  • Bonus depreciation calculations for federal and state returns