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Bistro Enterprise Management System

A multi-module management system designed by ThinkNet for commercial & service and retail trade companies.
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The ultimate enterprise management system for your franchise operation!

BistroCMS (Central Management System)

Menu Management

  • Menu offering
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Taxation

POS Management

  • Menu item identification
  • Keyboard layout/Menu navigation

Change Package Technology Allows head office to change restaurant configuration well in advance of the effective date

Change Validation

  • Changes are in stasis until the effective date
  • Restaurant personnel can view up coming changes

Data Mining

  • Menu Decomposition
  • Promotions
  • Combos/A la Carte
  • Serving Items
  • Accessories
  • POS Independence
  • No file manipulation necessary to load transaction data from restaurants into DSS staging database

BistroCTS (Configuration Tranform Services)

  • Translates Change Package data (BistroCMSTM format) into BistroRMSTM format
  • Logs changes – Pending Changes screen in BistroRMSTM
  • Updates BistroRMSTM with changes effective today

BistroDSS (Bistro Decision Support System)

  • Perform Market Basket of Goods Analysis
  • Determine Promotional Effectiveness
  • Monitor Operational Compliance
  • Analyze Sales Trends
  • Sales and Performance Monitoring

BistroPOSMan (POS Manager)

Is split into two components:

  • One that resides in BistroCMSTM
  • One that resides in BistroRMSTM


  • Maps menu configuration into a specific POS data structure


  • Updates POS with new menu structure
  • Parses POS transaction data structure into Bistro data structure

BistroRMS (Restaurant Management System)

Inventory Management

  • Purchase Orders, Invoices, Returns, Inventory Count, etc…
  • Menu Management (limited)
  • Local Pricing
  • Local Promotions
  • Recipes

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