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A developer of business management software.

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ThinkNet is a consulting solutions company that provides innovative and industry-leading financial and business solutions to medium and enterprise sized organizations. ThinkNet is comprised of three divisions: Financial Solutions, Business Technology Solutions and Outsourcing Solutions. Our solutions and expertise have benefited many well recognized clients in the Telecom, Financial Services, Mining, Food and Hospitality verticals. Founded in 1990, ThinkNet is headquartered in Toronto, with service locations throughout North America.

ThinkNet Financial Solutions

ThinkNet’s Financial Solutions are designed to address tough business problem for the Office of the CFO. Services and solutions include, redesigning and optimizing financial reporting and planning processes, as well as, financial statements, material weaknesses, mitigating Excel Mania, processing late entries, automating manual journal entries, process automation through workflows, revenue recognition, and forensic investigation.

ThinkNet Business Technology Solutions

ThinkNet’s business solutions are developed by applying business experience, analysis of business processes and “right-fit” technologies to tough business problems. Solutions include, Corporate Performance Management, integration of disparate processes and systems, custom development, workflow automation, collaboration solutions and technology training.

ThinkNet Outsourcing Solutions

Services include post-implementation solution support and maintenance, application management, hosting, application and database management.

ThinkNet Divisions

Within ThinkNet are 2 divisions, SharePointHQ and QlikViewHQ, that operate as independent pure play divisions.

SharePointHQ: SharePointHQ offers training, professional services, web parts, hosting, and custom development solutions for Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies.

QlikViewHQ: QlikViewHQ offers consulting, training and performance management solutions for the QlikView business intelligence platform.

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Market Focus

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