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Email Integration

Clio’s e-mail integration makes it easy to associate e-mails directly with a matter. Compatible with all e-mail clients, including Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and Gmail, Clio’s e-mail integration puts an end to email clutter.


Clio Sync for Outlook

Clio Sync for Outlook provides bidirectional sync between Clio and Microsoft Outlook for contacts, calendar entries and tasks.

Offline Access

Clio Sync for Outlook allows you to access your Clio calendar, contacts and tasks even if you’re offline. Changes made while you’re offline will be re-synced to Clio the next time you’re online.

Office Integration

Syncing Clio’s contacts with Microsoft Outlook means creating mail merges, such as holiday mailings, is a snap.

Mobile Sync

Virtually every mobile device synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook, allowing you synchronize Outlook with both Clio and your preferred handheld device.


Google Apps Integration

Clio offers a deep integration with Google Apps. Single Sign-On, calendar sync and contact sync all help make sure switching between Google Apps and Clio is completely painless. Clio’s e-mail integration also works seamlessly with Gmail.

Single Sign On

Access Clio from your Google Apps universal navigation bar. Simplified “Single Sign-On” means you only need to log in once to access both Google Apps and Clio

Calendar Sync

Seamlessly sync your Clio calendar with your Google calendar, and vice-versa.

Contact Sync

Keep your Clio and Google Apps contact databases up-to-date and in sync with Clio for Google Apps.


Dropbox & Box

Dropbox & Box are free services that let you bring all your documents anywhere.

Be Anywhere

Both Dropbox & Box seamlessly sync your files no matter where you’re working from. Work from any computer or phone with confidence that you’ll always have everything you need.

Simple Sharing

You can easily share specific files from your Dropbox & Box account. Just send people a link and you’re done! This makes them perfect tools for team projects.

Always Safe

Even if your computer has a meltdown, your documents are always safe in Dropbox & Box, and can be restored in a snap.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Seamless Integrations:

"Seamless Integrations" is part of the Clio line of products, developed by Themis Solutions Inc..