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A web‑based multi‑module management system designed by Themis Solutions Inc..
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Completely web-based, Clio is a practice management system that is specifically designed for solo practitioners and small law firms. Your important client data is securely accessible anywhere—from your PC, your Mac, and even your iPhone.


Quickly and securely store/access electronic copies of relevant file correspondence.


256-bit SSL encryption combined with enterprise-class data security and redundancy ensures the safety of sensitive client data.


Effortless time tracking ensures simplified and accurate billing and recovery.


Intuitive billing system streamlines the process of generating flexible, professional-looking invoices.


Rich calendaring and task management capabilities faciliate accurate and collaborative deadline management.


With nothing to install, Clio can be accessed from Windows or Mac based computers using any modern web browser.

Functionality Modules

Practice Management DASHBOARD Tasks and Schedule At-a-Glance Clio’s dashboard provides a centralized view of your upcoming tasks and schedule so you know, at-a-glance, what commitments you…

Collaboration Tools SECURE COLLABORATION Clio Connect: Secure Collaboration Clio Connect is a secure web-based client portal, allowing Clio users to share information and collaborate with…

Seamless Integrations EMAIL Email Integration Clio’s e-mail integration makes it easy to associate e-mails directly with a matter. Compatible with all e-mail clients, including Microsoft…

Time and Billing TIME TRACKING Time Tracking Clio’s integrated time tracking system makes it easy for every member of your firm to keep detailed and accurate time records. Clio’s…

Reviews of Clio

from Elysium-Law LLP says…

Clio is an easy to use cloud based system. It is simple to master the rudiments of the system and it is supported by excellent backup from the company. The systems features leave little to be desired. The impressive matter number system aids identification of clients at a glance. You can add further matters to a client file ascertain conflicts and predicate the system with custom fields. The secure portal is ICO compliant in England and gives the security you need to prevent worry. The timing and billing is accurate and the whole system is supported by an apple app which is easy to use and impressive. If I had advice it would be that document categories could be placed in a separate folder but the categorisation does the trick and you can add categories for templates. It’s simply a brilliant system and we thoroughly recommend it. It certainly turned our practice around!

The good: Matter number generation did it for us! Easy accessible and usable from any computer. Promotes your company through the portal by sending your name to the recipient. Billings good and partnering with other companies software compliments the system.

The bad: Generation of template letters on a client file requires removal to prevent clutter. However we use Dropbox as well as we need a backup for compliance. If you don’t then the use of Dropbox prevents this very slight inconvenience