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Let the WFG experts perform your monthly account analysis. Your time can be spent making decisions with data reported the way you want it presented, instead of untangling a complicated array of output. Your WFG analysis professional will balance statements with discrepancies noted. You will have a partner in solving unresolved charges, catching closed accounts, spotting trends, and using key historical performance data to support your position in bank negotiations. With this browser-based solution you can securely access analysis information anywhere, anytime. Our experts do the work using the most comprehensive tool available - BRMEdge™. Analysis Outsourcing can:

  • Allow you to leverage the skills of a WFG Professional Analyst
  • Include all paper, 822 analysis and BSB statements
  • Compare bank statements
  • Automate service, price, and volume monitoring
  • Allocate bank charges to business units
  • Assist with comprehensive reporting, graphing, and variance analysis
  • Access your account analysis information anywhere, anytime

Outsourcing of analysis is an efficient way to maximize your human capital. Streamline use of your expertise by using ours to perform the routine tasks.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with BRMEdge™ Outsourcing:

"BRMEdge™ Outsourcing" is part of the WFG Systems - Corporate line of products, developed by The Weiland Financial Group.

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