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WFG Systems - Banking

A multi-module management system designed by The Weiland Financial Group for finance & insurance companies.
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MineReader: Identifies and pre-qualifies treasury product sales leads to generate non-interest income.822 Express: EDI delivery of any analysis statement and the ability to meet customers needs.

Commercial Account Analysis (CAA): Complete account analysis statement generation, reporting, billing, and profitability.

CAAWeb: Browser-based delivery of analysis statements via the Internet.

Outsource Express: Translation of services and fees for pass-through billing from service provider banks to correspondent banks customers.

Federal Reserve Manager: Automated analysis of Federal Reserve Bank statements.

822 Express™

Commercially focused financial institutions need to offer electronic account analysis to their valued business customers. 822 Express™ produces fully prepared ANSI X12/822 files ready for electronic transmission from any vendor’s analysis application. Available Client/Server or ASP.

A Few Features of 822 Express™:

  • Handles all 822 versions, starting with 3010 and forward
  • Attaches AFP service codes
  • Groups accounts and customers by delivery endpoint
  • Allows for multiple customer format and protocol options
  • Controls distribution to ultimate endpoints
  • Archives statements for re-delivery

Companies want delivery of their electronic analysis statements. Financial institutions want to serve their commercial customers.

BXB™ (Bank Xtensible Billing)

BXB™ produces the TWIST BSB (Bank Services Billing) and ANSI X12 822 files for electronic transmission of bank billing, regardless of the location or the originating institution. BXB™ will handle foreign currencies and multiple taxes, and will generate and archive Bank Services Billing (BSB) statements according to the TWIST global standard and 822 statements according to the ANSI X12 standard.

WFG participated in the development of the BSB standard. Bank Xtensible Billing™ provides:

  • BSB XML output files
  • Statement database and archiving
  • Tax reporting over multiple tax regions
  • Multiple currency reporting
  • Multiple delivery options

CAA™ (Commercial Account Analysis)

Commercial account analysis practices strengthen relationships with your most important commercial customers. CAA is a full function billing system - a profit center for your institution. The features will enable you to consider approaches you’ve never been able to use before. Commercial Account Analysis is used by the most prestigious financial institutions in the world ranging in asset size from 100 million to over 77 billion. CAA is available client/server or ASP.

A Few Features of Commercial Account Analysis (CAA™):

The Billing Statement;

  • Visual Appearance (fonts, graphics, borders, greenbar effect)
  • Unlimited Design Possibilities (The MS Word Document Template)

Blueprint of Services;

  • Unlimited Number of Service Codes / Billing Points
  • Services Organized Into Product Families (Product Family Codes)
  • Legends and Sub-Totals By Family
  • Service Costs (and Profitability Reporting)
  • Types of Service Calculations (Volume Discount Pricing, Threshold Pricing, Flat Fees, etc.)

Account Features;

  • Effective Dated Exception Pricing
  • Exception Rates and Factors with Expire Dates
  • Date Controlled Contract Pricing


  • Numerous Standard Reports (User Defined Filtering, Sorting, and Totaling)
  • Waiver Reporting by User
  • Profitability Reporting
  • Management Reporting: Trends to Help Predict the Future (and Understand the Past)
  • Wizard Driven Ad Hoc Reports / Graphs via MS Excel

Service Status;

  • Analyzed / Fee Based / Waived / Directly by DDA
  • Zero Price Waiving vs. Waiving by Status Code

Module available:

Office Integrator;

  • System Implementation…Free of Interface Programs
  • Automation of Analysis (Chargeable Events)


This web-based system provides the financial institution’s analysis statements to customers for immediate review, payment or inquiries. Bank officers, and operations work with timely information.

A Few Features of CAAWeb™:

  • Web access to analysis statements for customers and calling officers
  • Electronic statement archiving
  • Customer download capability
  • Automatic debit approval
  • Availability of expansive context sensitive help database
  • Hyperlink to account officer’s e-mail
  • Tailored online marketing message
  • Save postage and handling expenses
  • Reduce customer inquiries

Present analysis statements via the Internet, Intranet or Extranet in support of clients and bank officers to expedite receiving payments and avoid paper.

FRM™ (Federal Reserve Manager)

Are you authorizing invoices from the Federal Reserve for unreviewed charges? Federal Reserve Manager™ monitors and verifies these charges that your institution incurs. Federal Reserve Manager™ automates the capture of service-related information contained in the FRB billing summary, making it possible to verify charges and track service, price, and volume changes over time for trending reports.

A Few Features of Federal Reserve Manager™:

  • Automated detailed analysis of Federal Reserve Bank Statements
  • Verification of charges billed by the Federal Reserve Bank
  • Complete management of any correspondent banking relationships

Verify charges incurred with the Federal Reserve Bank or any “Due From” institution instead of just approving them.

Outsource Express™

Automate the transposition of treasury service identification codes onto your financial institution’s analysis statement for customers with Outsource Express™.

Some features of Outsource Express™:

  • Automates lengthy, manual data transposition every month
  • Significantly reduces possibility of error
  • Keeps original provider bank statements on file for review
  • Reduces time required to generate the sponsor billing statement

Simplify and automate the conversion of outsourced services directly to the bank’s own privately labeled services.

Statement Modeling™

Empower your bank or credit union Calling Officers with competitive tools to create “modeling scenarios” for existing or prospective customers. Use the prospect’s or customer’s current analysis or that of a competitor’s to demonstrate how your bank can better serve them. Statement Modeling can be used either from within the WFG’s CAA™ application, or as a stand-alone application that can be installed on a laptop brought directly to your customers’ office.

A Few Features of CAA Statement Modeling™:

  • Explore modeling scenarios without affecting live data
  • Create modeling templates that can be used on multiple occasions
  • Keep your sales staff informed of scenarios useful in solicitation

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