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The Weiland Financial Group

A developer of business management software.

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The Weiland Financial Group, Inc. specializes in financial account management solutions for the banking community and their commercial customers. Instrumental in defining and popularizing the use of the 822 and BSB electronic bank services billing statements, WFG systems have streamlined financial account management and related practices. These systems manage the services billing function within the bank, the production of the electronic billing statements, the reception and use of the 822 and BSB in the corporate office, and the overall administration of the bank / customer account relationship. WFG offers a full range of web-based and client-server systems including support, training, outsourcing, SAAS, and consulting.

Product Lines

  • WFG Systems - Banking

    A multi-module management system designed by The Weiland Financial Group for finance & insurance companies.

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    • WFG Systems - Corporate

      A multi-module management system designed by The Weiland Financial Group.

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