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MDS- Master Distribution System Software

An accounting software system designed by The Systems House.
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MDS: A Total System Developed by Distribution System Experts

Master Distributor System is a fully integrated business control program that provides a complete solution to the problems of distribution businesses. MDS provides solid control over the day-to-day operation of the business with instant access to the information needed to plan for the future, and make the timely, well-informed decisions that mean growth and profitability for your company.

Designed to operate in a multi-company, multi-warehouse environment, MDS is a comprehensive software solution encompassing virtually every phase of business activity from Order Entry through General Ledger reporting. Master Distributor helps you control and manage every vital area of your company.

The product includes the following modules:

  • Order Entry/Invoicing
  • EDI - full implementation of X.12 standard
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Inventory Management & Control
  • Pricing, Costing, and Rebate Management
  • Return Authorization
  • Lot Inventory Control
  • Warranty Processing
  • Rental Billing and Management
  • Consignment Inventory
  • Sales Analysis
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger/Financial Reporting
  • Report Generator
  • Service and Repair Processing
  • Payroll
  • Fixed Assets
  • Work Order Processing

Each of these sub-systems can run separately as a stand-alone entity, or as integrated sub-systems into a comprehensive system that shares information from one function to another. With an integrated system, you need enter any item of input only once; and it is automatically available to any other part of the system.

Lastly, MDS’s unique object oriented approach makes it an enormously flexible system that can be custom configured to meet the most unique demands of your operation, at a packaged system price. And as your business grows and MDS grows with you. Modifications to the system can be made quickly and economically.

Functionality Modules

General Ledger Features Include: Full integration to Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Receiving and Purchasing. Foreign transaction systems, including purchasing in foreign currency.…

Accounts Payable (AP) Full integration of Accounts Payable, Account Receivable,and General ledger as well as Purchasing and Receiving. Foreign Transaction Systems. Letters of Credit. Several…

Accounts Receivable (AR) Full integration of Order Entry and AR Foreign transaction systems, including purchasing in foreign currency. Letters of Credit Reconciliation, and Landed Cost development.…

Accounting and Financial Management Features Include: Full integration of Accounts Payable, Receiving and Purchasing. Receipts are matched with vendor invoices on-line generating the Payables distribution, and…

Order Entry MDS is designed for streamlined, interactive order taking with visibility of inventory status, access to customer order history and automated substitutions.…

Inventory Management & Control Scientific Inventory management with multi-branch replenishment and line buys. Numerous inventory evaluation methods including LIFO, FIFO, Average & Standard.…

Marketing & Sales Analysis Numerous sales analysis reports as well as inquiries. Custom report writer. Telemarking subsystem. Ability to view any report on screen or route to printer.…

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