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The Bonadio Group

A developer of business management software.

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The Bonadio Group’s advanced performance management software tool is able to quickly mine and gain insights from your business data.

It is a radical innovation that supports your existing business systems and easily navigates across multiple software platforms to extract appropriate data regardless of location, application or platform. In addition, our solution is not limited by a hierarchical reporting structure, which means information is available, from any source, in any combination, at any time - instantly.

Using this powerful software resource you are able to instantly and on a real time basis answer questions such as - Who are truly my most and least profitable customers and salespeople? Which customers have hidden costs reducing their profit levels perhaps below acceptable levels? Which of my promotions are effective? Which of my products are enhancing my overall margin, and which ones are dilutive? Where am I effectively staffed and where are inappropriate staffing levels reducing my profitability? And other questions which are applicable to your decision making process.

We help you identify the information you and your operational management needs to measurably improve value. Our Solution provides that information to them, in real time with an intuitive easy to use, structure that allows your team to simply click and drill down into the data they need to make informed business decisions.

You have already invested in the infrastructure and you have the data. Now you can secure the key to unlock your real profit potential.

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