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The Tenant Accounts Receivable program is an extremely flexible and complete tenant accounting system. The program maintains a complete set of account records with audit trails for an unlimited number of user defined accounts. Tenant Accounts Receivable is fully Asset Management compliant and offers excellent reporting capabilities for Project Managers as well as the Finance Department.

WinTen² Tenant Accounts Receivable is a fully integrated system that allows public housing authorities to manage all of their receivables – both from tenants and from non-tenants – including rent and utility payments, late fees, maintenance charges, and security and pet deposits. The program supports the creation of recurring and non-recurring transactions (charges, credits, transfers, and refunds); the printing of bills, statements, and receipts; the acceptance of payments; and the depositing of funds.Tenant Accounts Receivable also supports housing-specific functions, such as maintaining unit, tenant, and lease information; tracking PHAS events; and reporting to HUD. The program provides full support for agency-definable developmental fund accounting and management.

Program Integration

Occupancy and Rent Calculation— Full integration with the Occupancy and Rent program allows for automated rent charge updates and retro-rent pro-rations to be generated at the end of the certification process.

General Ledger— Fully integrated real time system keeps General Ledger and Bank Accounts up to date in real time.

Public Housing Inspections

PHAS Reporting— The General Ledger will generate details for PHAS reporting.

WorkOrder— Full Integration with Work Order allows for automated billing of maintenance charges.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Tenant Accounts Receivable:

"Tenant Accounts Receivable" is part of the WinTen2+ line of products, developed by Tenmast Software.