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The Tenmast Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) Reporting program is used to collect and format all data necessary for the preparation and printing of the HUD-50072 form.

Program Integration

PHAS Reporting integrates with the Tenant Accounts Receivable and WorkOrder programs so your data flows automatically and seamlessly between programs.

Tenant Accounts Receivable

Tenant Accounts Receivable updates the PHAS Reporting programing with data used to calculate Sub-Indicators 1 and 4 of Indicator 3 (through the Inspections programs or through direct input into Tenant Accounts Receivable). If your agency has the Work Order program, data used to calculate Sub-Indicator 4 of Indicator 3 is updated every time a user issues or completes a work order. PHAS Reporting, either separately or in conjunction with these programs, acts as a management tool to review your agency’s status and estimate your possible PHAS score so you can take action in any area needed to improve your final score.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with PHAS Reporting:

"PHAS Reporting" is part of the WinTen2+ line of products, developed by Tenmast Software.